LIBRARIES: Even Genghis Khan knew value of reading!

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There is one good thing that has resulted from the news that, following their £50m underspend of 2013, Lincolnshire County Council has underspent for this year by another £40m; we now know that the council’s story of having a desperate need to save £2m by closing libraries, and that it is being done only under duress, must be purely fictional.

In which case the only motivation we can attribute to LCC is that the executive really believes that public access to the services, professional staff and resources of fully funded libraries is a useless and expendable waste of money.

I would have liked to say that this is an example of cultural indifference worthy of Genghis Khan, were it not that even Genghis Khan knew the value of reading and writing, encouraged the adoption of an alphabet and made literacy freely available for his people.

Liz Waterland

The Friends of Deeping

Library chairwoman