LIBRARIES: About time councillor resigned

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Isn’t it time that County Councillor Nick Worth did the right thing, resign. He has overseen what can only be described as a shambles.

Having wrecked the library system, I am amazed that we are yet again, to undergo a second public ‘consultation’ in 12 months. This time the latest scheme is privatisation!

Why bother. Why not do exactly what was done last time, ignore the findings and carry on with what you were going to do anyway?

The cost of these ‘consultations’ and the the reorganisations would have kept the libraries open. Not forgetting the expenses claimed by councillors attending these so-called meetings.

We the tax payer then had to fund Lincolnshire County Council’s defence for the closure programme, which they lost.

We, in Holbeach, have had our library hours almost halved despite the promise by County Councillor Worth that it would be open for longer than it was prior to the first ‘consultation’.

It was only a few months ago that he had his picture taken outside our library (it was probably closed at the time), promising longer opening hours in the future, when the grand plan came together

We, not them, have millions of pounds tucked away in council coffers, but they plead poverty. This is our money.

It appears that these councillors have so little to do, they must justify their existence by fixing that which isn’t broke. There hasn’t even been an apology for the ill thought out and very badly managed scheme. We are now about to get Worth 2 , the sequel.

Steve Whatley