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'Parliament must deliver the will of the British people'

‘Liberal elitists are not used to losing, and they’re very bad losers.’ In this succinct phrase the constitutional expert Professor Vernon Bogdanor sums up why the result of the EU referendum has yet to be implemented, three long years after the event. Back in 2016, 17.4 million people voted to leave the EU – the biggest vote in our history. But it was not the result the establishment wanted or expected, and since they have done everything in their power to ensure the UK remains under the thumb of Brussels by frustrating Government attempts to implement what the people demanded.

The latest attempt to tie the hands of our new determined Prime Minister, by forcing him to request yet another pointless extension to our leaving date, is nothing more than a cynical ploy designed to undermine the Government’s negotiating position. According to this new legislation, the Government would be forced to accept an extension under any terms proposed by our Brussels masters. The real purpose of the delay is to prevent Brexit from happening at all. By voting against a General Election, the Labour and Liberal Parties have made it clear they do not trust the public. Yet, ridiculously, the same liberal establishment claim to be champions of democracy.

In truth, the liberal elite’s view of democracy resembles Henry Ford’s famous aphorism: that you can have any colour you like ‘so long as it’s black.’ Their democratic values have nothing to do with principle and everything to do with self-interest. For example, multinational corporate giants benefit enormously from the effects of uncontrolled immigration and cheap foreign labour. They have little regard for the destructive impact of open borders on communities or living standards.

MP Sir John Hayes (16304371)
MP Sir John Hayes (16304371)

Knowing they have lost the argument, the liberal establishment now want to move the goal posts. Members of this arrogant elite are even prepared to spend millions of pounds on gratuitous legal cases in order to get their way.

Our constitution has long been based on the principle that Parliament should enable the Government to execute policies endorsed by the voters at an election. Briton voted to leave the EU in 2016 and elected a government at the 2017 general election committed to delivering the referendum result. The mandate for Brexit could not be clearer. For the sake of our democracy, Parliament must deliver the will of the British people.

Sir John Hayes

Sir John Hayes MP says we must deliver on Brexit.
Sir John Hayes MP says we must deliver on Brexit.


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