LETTERS: You cannot elect Conservatives AND expect more police officers

Andrew Bowell
Andrew Bowell
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I read with interest the article in the Lincolnshire Free Press of February 14 stating that Crowland Parish Council want more police on the streets of the town to tackle anti-social behaviour.

Whilst I agree with their sentiment, I do find it slightly ironic.

At the last county council elections the residents of Crowland and Whaplode overwhelmingly elected Nigel Pepper (Conservative) as county councillor.

Whilst I am sure that Coun Pepper is a good councillor, he does represent a political party that is following a policy of austerity.

It is therefore ironic that Crowland Parish Council want to see more police on the streets, but at the same time the residents have elected a Conservative county councillor and a Conservative MP.

The Conservatives are responsible for cutting funding to the county council, and to Lincolnshire Police, resulting in fewer police officers on the beat.

Unfortunately the people of Crowland cannot have it both ways, and the only way to get more police officers on the beat is more funding.

This will not happen whilst we have a Conservative county council and government in power.

I would therefore suggest that the residents of Crowland think very carefully what they want, before casting their votes in the May county council elections.