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Spalding Guardian letters - Thursday, May 9, 2019


Thanks from candidates

I would like to thank everybody in Spalding Monks House ward who have shown their confidence in me in the local elections. I look forward to the challenges ahead and to working with the community.

My thanks also go to Coun Angela Newton for her help and guidance throughout the election process and to the band of helpers who were a great help with delivering campaign leaflets.

Coun Anthony Cronin

Spalding Monks House

John Elson's Spalding Guardian cartoon. (9796039)
John Elson's Spalding Guardian cartoon. (9796039)

As a newly elected district councillor, I would like to say a huge thank you.

I am very grateful to the residents of these areas for putting their trust in me and I’m humbled by their support.

It’s not always easy to find both the motivation and the time to cast your vote, so to all those in Crowland, Deeping St Nicholas and Tongue End who supported me at the election, it really was appreciated and I will be honoured to represent you for the next four years.

Coun Nigel Pepper

Crowland and Deeping St Nicholas

I would like to thank the residents who voted and placed their confidence in me continuing to be their district councillor for another four years.

I will continue to work hard for the ward and will be available to listen and represent their views at a district level

I would also like to thank all the South Holland District Council staff for a well organised election period including the count itself.

Finally, I wish to congratulate my ward colleagues Anthony Casson and Rodney Grocock on being re-elected but offer my commiserations to Richard Fairman who fought a fair and honest campaign

Coun Andrew Woolf

Moulton, Weston and Cowbit

Having just been re-elected as a district councillor, I have many people to thank. First and foremost I would like to thank the 860 residents of Pinchbeck East, West and Surfleet who voted for me, and those that voted for Liz Sneath and Sally Slade. For this, I thank you genuinely and sincerely.

During the last five weeks of canvassing I have met some interesting people. There are several who are memorable for various reasons, and I will thank them individually, but one that really stands out is ‘Bill’ from West Pinchbeck. I met Bill on my first day of this campaign, and he told me he would be 100-years-old in April. So, I promised I’d come back on his birthday for a chat, which I did, and we had lots to talk about. Given his magnificent age, Bill had lived a very full life, including going to fight for his country in 1939. I promised to catch up again with him soon for a cuppa’.

I’d like to thank Liz Sneath and Sally Slade for letting me say and do whatever I thought was right to get us through our campaign, and to get us across the line together.

Thank you to Terry Moore for putting together a positive and fair campaign. Terry worked hard and wanted to win a seat but we worked harder and wanted it more.

A very big thank you to Karen, my wife, and to my family who didn’t get a great deal of my time during April. A big thank you also to Mabel who supports me through thick and thin and never judges me.

I’d like to say a special thank you to the small number of individuals who made negative comments about Brexit, or even had the cheek to say “what have you ever done for Surfleet” (you know who you are). You drove me on to be ever more diligent, determined and supportive of those that made encouraging, positive comments.

I’d like to thank all the staff involved in manning the polling stations and at the count itself into the early hours of May 3. You did a sterling job, and with great humour. Thank you also to Paul, my counting agent, and for bringing that vital ingredient for any election - chocolate!

Thank you to the group and the association for your support and thank you to every single candidate for ‘having a go’. Whether you won or not, you did yourselves and your residents proud and can hold your head high.

James Avery

Pinchbeck and Surfleet

On behalf of the Green Party's candidates in this year's district council elections, I would like to thank all those Spalding residents who showed faith in us by giving us their vote. We may not have been successful in terms of winning seats, but we received our highest ever vote and a great deal of goodwill on the doorstep.

The diversity of our candidates, many of whom were young and two of whom were from the eastern European community, shows we are able to appeal beyond the boundaries of other parties.

With the twin global threats of irreversible climate change and mass species extinction now on our front pages every day, the need for a strong Green voice has never been greater. Here in South Holland we will continue to campaign and to make our message heard. In four years' time, when the next district council elections take place, we will be even stronger.

Martin Blake

South Lincolnshire Green Party

Gosberton Risegate reader Mark Joy took this photo of a common toadon a Brittlegill fungus. (9796037)
Gosberton Risegate reader Mark Joy took this photo of a common toadon a Brittlegill fungus. (9796037)

A huge thank you to all the residents who went to the polling stations last Thursday and voted for me.It was humbling to receive so many votes and to be returned to represent the ward for another four years.

Your support is much appreciated.

I will do my best to represent your views, and make sure your voices are heard.

Coun Angela Newton

Spalding Monks House


We often don’t know when storms will occur! Some cause massive damage, whilst others pass quickly. Unfortunately, we also experience personal storms. It often feels like we are a small boat in the ocean of life, helpless against the wind and the waves that come against us. Has this happened to you? It certainly has to me. I am reminded of an account in Luke 8: 22-26 where Jesus said to his disciples “Get the boat and let us go to the other side of the lake." Whilst they were on their way, a severe unexpected storm arose, and they feared for their life. They were very afraid. But where was Jesus? He was asleep! They woke him, “Don’t you care Jesus?” Jesus stood and lifting his hands, spoke directly into the storm… “Peace, Be Still.” Immediately, the storm became calm at His command. Are you in a life storm right now that looks like it might take you under? Where is Jesus in your life, your thoughts, your prayers? You may be feeling that he doesn’t care. Invite Him today into your storm, just like the disciples did. He does care! I guarantee, He will either calm the storm around you, or he will calm the storm within you. Maybe your storm is not to test you, but to teach you that Jesus is with you. Ask Him, trust Him, He does care!Peace, be still.

Pastor Chas Sandhu

Lighthouse Church, Spalding

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