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Spalding Guardian letters - March 28, 2019


A dangerous degree of ignorance

Brexit should be easy.All that is required is: goodwill; good manners; good humour and a modicum of common sense, all of which are distinctly lacking in Europe.

The letter published on March 21 from Mr Jones shows a dangerous degree of ignorance of the EU.

All remaniacs have a short term vested interest.Example: Ask why only British poultry farmers are banned from using battery cages!

Richard Fairman


John Elson's Spalding Guardian cartoon (8065098)
John Elson's Spalding Guardian cartoon (8065098)

A message to Parliament on our broken democracy.

I have always and still do support leaving the EU, preferably with a deal or some sort of compromise, without if that fails ,but I never anticipated such a mess.

If there is one benefit from this near disaster it’s demonstrated that our political, electoral, and governmental systems are broken. Outdated, unfit for purpose, untrustworthy and unrepresentative of the vast bulk of our population.

The expenses scandal is a drop in the ocean compared with the sheer amazing
incompetence of Government, Opposition and the whole of Parliament. Parties don’t actually represent
anyone except themselves, the contract between people and government does not work anymore, huge numbers of electors in safe seats are disenfranchised by first-past-the-post,MPs can’t do their jobs.

If you are incapable of doing what we pay you for then go and let someone else try.

Short of privatising the whole function of government, who have done that to just about everything else because they are too stupid to do it themselves, I see no immediate way out.We are in a hole with no ladder.

This is a dangerous place to be, the stuff that elsewhere would trigger a revolution or a civil war, where vile strong men come up with “easy” answers. For the love of peace and simple common sense stop kicking the can down the road, get your idiot heads together and find a solution NOW, inside or outside the EU. We need to get on with our lives, you need to look hard at your own privileged positions and start to change.

Paul Foyster


Steve Prior, of Spalding, took this picture of a barn owl catching the last of the evening sun. (8065096)
Steve Prior, of Spalding, took this picture of a barn owl catching the last of the evening sun. (8065096)

We did not vote for any deal

The way forward for Brexit is very clear: we voted to leave the EU; we did not vote for a deal: therefore we should leave the EU on time and in accordance with the vote of the people in their referendum.

Anything less or other than this lacks our mandate and strikes at the very warp and woof of our democracy.

Reverend Robert West



Be careful and be safe

I am rather concerned about the use of ‘online pharmacies’ which seem to be being advertised more, and unfortunately used more as time passes.

There are several issues. If prescription drugs were delivered by post, what is to stop children finding them on the mat, and at worst thinking they are sweets?

What if there is an attempt to leave them with a neighbour and they go astray?

What if they are left in a ‘less than secure’ outside letter box? The possible problems are considerable.

In most of our communities we have excellent local pharmacies, or if people live more than a modest distance away, they can use the pharmacy in their local GP surgery or health centre.

Prescriptions are carefully checked, and then normally ‘signed for’.

We can even get advice, some treatments, and be signposted to the best place when visiting our local pharmacy.

That seems to me to be so much safer and preferable. I, for one, would NEVER, in any circumstances, use an ‘online’ or telephone pharmacy.

Be careful, be safe, and use the local pharmacy for everybody’s benefit.

Chris Brewis

via email


They have no new ideas

I was pleased to receive an advert from the Independent candidates for the upcoming district elections through the letterbox today. It seems after many years in opposition, they still don’t have any new ideas. In fact, they’ve copied the council’s policies and kindly offered to continue them on our behalf.

Their list of promises reads as a comprehensive overview of the work of our administration at South Holland District Council.

The highlights include weekly recycling and refuse collections, garden waste collections, Grants4Growth, community wardens, building more homes and lobbying the government for fairer funding.

It’s no surprise, however, as our local independent candidates are any colour but none. As for my personal thoughts on the opposition locally, I’d welcome some.

Jack McLean

Conservative candidate for Spalding St. John’s


Bulb seller was named Paul Hart

Several people contacted us after the letter from Maureen Humberston about the Spalding bulb seller who had been injured during the war.

Guardian photographer Tim Wilson and Valerie Dodimeade said the garden the lady refers to was known as ‘Paul Hart’s corner’,opposite the Little London BP garage.He said Paul went on to run a Wimpy restaurant in the Market Place.

Tim remembered taking Paul’s picture alongside Simon Weston, the Falklands war burns victim, when
Simon gave a talk in Spalding.


Air guns should be licensed

Cats Protection is always horrified to learn of cases where cats have been injured or killed after being shot with an air gun.

Sadly, we regularly receive reports ofhorrific cases across England and Wales where cats have suffered agonising injuries as a result of the indiscriminate use of air guns.

Many of your readers may be shocked to learn that air guns are unlicensed in England and Wales, meaning that they can be legally owned by anyone over the age of 18.

Cats Protection is determined to change this, and our petition calling on the Government to introduce the licensing of air guns in England and Wales has gathered over 110,000 signatures.

Your readers can help by signing our petition at www.cats.org.uk/airgunspetition

Jacqui Cuff

Cats Protection

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