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Free Press readers letters w/c November 25, 2019

A Labour Government would give workers hope

I have recently returned from Unite the union sector conference and bring back a clear message. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to elect a government that gives working people hope.

John Elson's Lincolnshire Free Press cartoon (22491331)
John Elson's Lincolnshire Free Press cartoon (22491331)

My union will do everything it can to win a Labour government with a programme that will give workers and their trade union stronger rights that will transform the lives of our members , their families and their communities.

A government that will give our industries a fighting future, protect jobs, secure investment and start to heal our divided country. Indeed Labour is the only party trying to bring the country together on Brexit.

Our party’s policy is honourable and principled and doesn’t just speak to half of the electorate while dismissing the other half.

But this election is not the Brexit election. It’s about what kind of Britain we want and what kind of society we want to live in. To have that debate we must go beyond Brexit and for me and my union that is all about removing the labels people seek to put on us, of being Leavers or Remainers.

For we unite under one banner, and with this comes the responsibility to advance our values at this election, our values of solidarity, community, equality and justice.

We should not judge the parties on Brexit alone, but on the issues that affect the lives of ordinary people every day.

Let’s take public ownership of our energy companies. How the energy of our nation is controlled should be central to any political debate. The protection of jobs and the protection of communities is central to Labour Party policy.

It’s time for workers’ rights from day one. It’s time for £10-an-hour minimum wage, it’s time to end zero hours contracts, it’s time to invest in our NHS, it’s time to re-instate free TV licences for over-75s, it’s time to scrap Universal Credit, it’s time to renationalise the railways, it’s time for free child care for two- to four-year-olds.

It’s our time to vote Labour.

Because when Labour wins we all win.

Rodney Sadd

Trade union delegate for South Holland & The Deepings Constituency Labour Party

We should start applying pressure

I am writing after reading NFU South Holland Branch Secretary Andrew Cross’s article regarding pressing for answers and concerns farmers have on the A16/B1166 Radar Corner.

It is now time that local residents start putting pressure on our MP Sir John Hayes and Coun Nigel Pepper.

Coun Pepper is the one who knows this dreaded junction as well as anyone.

Lincoln-based councillor Richard Davies does not understand or does not want to, the problems with this junction.He is only concerned with the cost of it.

I doubt apart from the odd few visits to this area he’s not over bothered.

Sir John and Nigel need to start making noise at top level Council/Highways meetings – this is just one of the reasons they are in office.

Do people understand what the changes involve? With the main one, coming from the B1166 going to Spalding, you’ll need to turn left, go to the next roundabout (Crowland end) then return to The Radar Junction and carry on your journey to Spalding.

This will put approximately another four-plus miles on a return journey. With all the confusion around the junction, I might have even got it all wrong.

Think of the carnage this will cause, drivers confused, U-turns in the middle of the road, turning in laybys, unable to turn at the next junction to go into Crowland.

Also, the back roads:Queens Bank, Moulton Chapel, Cowbit, which drivers will be taking. This is why the A16 was built – to keep you off these roads.

To sum it up, Sir John and Coun Pepper need to get Mr Davies to see sense before we see more accidents and carnage.

David Barfoot

Shepeau Stow

EDITOR: Although Sir John has been South Holland and the Deepings MP since 1997 he is not presently the incumbent as Parliament has stood down until the General Election.


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