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Memories of champion fundraiser Pat

I am writing this letter after hearing about the sad passing of Pat Baxter, a lady who had a force which touched many lives in one way and another in South Holland.

My Memories of Pat go back a long way. She was very funny... for many years, we, as Tulip Radio, used to be behind Bakkavor’s float in the Flower Parade, following Pat and her funny ways, making us all laugh out loud and have a wonderful day.

We helped her throw sweets to the crowds and dance in the streets on our long walk along the route.

We would know what to expect as soon as the Parade began with Pat in front, driving us forward to show off our floats. Pat was always so proud of Bakkavor and their commitment in our community.

These were great days to remember, but then came all the community work that Pat was passionate about, getting Bakkavor to back her in her quest to raise money for loads of new initiatives that people asked her to get involved in.

She enjoyed the yearly School Choir Competition, getting involved and helping me to get prizes for the winning schools, helping on the day with the children and arriving with her usual smile and words of wisdom for the young people.

Pat is someone many of us will remember for her ‘frank words’ and ways. She would make you laugh out loud at the most serious times, be there working tirelessly beside you but still telling you the people are what matter in our community.

Then came Bakkavor’s ‘Party in the Park’. Many were involved but always in those meetings it was Pat who we heard, telling us what the community wanted and needed, what should be done and how hard we should all be working to achieve a better goal than the year before, raising thousands more than the year before.

She always pushed for a better firework display, saying this was what they wanted to see. We all knew that display was for Pat really... she loved it as the finale.

My sincere love goes out to her family who will be suffering with the sudden passing of Pat. She will make you laugh again in time, all those wonderful memories will never be forgotten, her force of nature will shine through to you all.

We will all remember Pat for her dedication to Spalding, Bakkavor and many local charities who she became so passionate about and strove to do something about wherever she could.

I personally would like to thank you Pat for all your hard work, love and dedication to our community, and send lots of love to the family who have lost someone who has left a big hole in their hearts.

Jan Whitbourn

Tulip Events Management

John Elson's Lincolnshire Free Press cartoon (9726686)
John Elson's Lincolnshire Free Press cartoon (9726686)


Thanks to ambulance service and Coun Carter

Within the past year I have had a few occasions to call on the ambulance service due to having heart problems and connected issues.

While the ambulances reach my area within the stipulated time frame, as witnessed by the sound of sirens,they have then wasted precious minutes attempting to find my address due to the lack of appropriate street signage; I would add that I reside on a private static van site that is tucked away and lacking any sort of signage.

One call-out resulted in a week’s stay in the Pilgrim Hospital in Boston and the fitting of a frontal stent.If the ambulance crew had been a few minutes longer in reaching me I very much doubt I would be writing this letter now.

After my last call on the ambulance service in which the delay in finding me led to me losing approximately a litre of blood, I mentioned the fact to Coun Tracey Carter who, without delay, found the funds and organised the council workshops to make and install the required signage and I now sleep easier knowing that next time should I need to call the ambulance out they should have no trouble in finding me.

Through the pages of your publication I would like to pass on my heartfeltthanks to Coun Carter and of course to the ambulance service and its hardworking and caring crews.

Ian Penfold



Relief road plans

A letter sent to Coun RogerGambba-Jones just before last week’s district council elections.

I have just read online today that you are one of the people that gave the green light for the blue print for the Spalding/Pinchbeck Relief Road.

We have a postal vote and was not aware of this, as we live not far from the Vernatt’s Drain where the road is supposed to be going along.

We are fully against this road being built, as we already have a bypass and this particular road is not going to be a benefit to any of the houses down Woolram Wygate, and all the estates because they will still have to come along Pinchbeck Road and down Woolram Wygate or the other end, Monks House Lane.

It is a beautiful, peaceful area and it does not need to be disturbed. My nephew regularly uses the road from Pinchbeck to Spalding over the Vernatt’s Bridge.

It does not make any sense to build a road that is “supposed” to help us to get to our homes quicker.

You made no mention of the fact in your leaflets that you were involved in this. This being the case we would have re-thought our vote.

The other issue being due to there being no funding for the middle section this is in fact not a relief road.

Please reconsider.

Mr & Mrs Robbins

via email


Dignified response from defeated candidate

Having recently stood in the South Holland District Elections I would like to congratulate all the successful candidates and may you all meet the aspirations of your ward members.

The count for the local elections was held at the Springfields Exhibition Centre and ran through until the very early hours.

I would like to thank the returning officer, Rob Walker, deputy returning officers Rhonda Booth and Deborah Wright and communications manager Shaun Gibbons for a well organised event.

Also credit to the staff who counted all the votes throughout a very long night. Although I was not one of the successful candidatesmy local Labour support team helped me during my campaign and were very supportive on the night of the count.

I could not have done it without them.

The first person to shake my hand after the Monks House Ward result was my local MP Sir John Hayes. There was a lot of mutual respect out there on the night despite the national political situation which did not help the local elections overall.

Many people were punished for the wrong reasons, but whatever umbrella you stand under it is good to see so many people who share the same passion for their local communites.

May it long continue.

Rodney Sadd

Labour candidate for Monks House Ward

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