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Proper action needs taking over Pinchbeck speeders

Having just read yet another depressing article about speeding on Spalding Road in Pinchbeck (last week’s Pinchbeck Parish Council report), I am at a loss to know why little or nothing is being done to address this worsening issue – it is most frustrating.

It appears there has been a lot of talk and no effective action.

Coun Elizabeth Sneath’s answer is to erect a Pinchbeck village sign – that’s a nice idea and would no doubt look very pretty– but that would have no effect in stopping the speeders.

Pinchbeck sign.Photo: SG 151012-TW www.spaldingtoday.co.uk/buyaphoto. (51540014)
Pinchbeck sign.Photo: SG 151012-TW www.spaldingtoday.co.uk/buyaphoto. (51540014)

Coun Terry Moore states that the interactive sign (now removed, by the way) has achieved a three per cent reduction in speeding vehicles – whoopee!. That’s pathetic by any standards.

My wife and I have lived here for the last nine-and-a-half years. It used to be a 40mph limit and was constantly ignored then – the situation has only deteriorated since.

The Police-marked speed van turns up occasionally, usually at the wrong time of day, stops a short time and is totally conspicuous.

Why not use a plain van and catch the speeders, many of whom I suspect are local to the area and use this road on a daily or at least regular basis.

Motorcyclists are as bad as car drivers – some of them use this road like a race track with speeds far in excess of 30mph, up to 60 or 70mph.

Surely the council can come up with better speed reduction measures? Appropriate road markings, speed bumps, a permanent static camera (recording vehicles in both directions), some consistent police enforcement, preferably using plain cars. It’s not rocket science, is it?

Whoever is responsible for dealing with this matter needs to get a grip and take some positive and affective actions(s) before we experience a fatality.

A marked speed van is pretty much a waste of time after 10-15 minutes, as by then social media has informed everyone where it is. You have to play these people at their own game. We see and hear the same vehicles on a regular basis blatantly flouting the speed limit – it’s time it was stopped. Enough is enough.

Tom Bell


John Elson's Spalding Guardian cartoon (51692910)
John Elson's Spalding Guardian cartoon (51692910)

THOUGHT FOR THE WEEK: Thanks for the miraculous and mundane

“Listen, open to lightbreak, waken to miracle.” I came across these words some time ago, and they seem to capture the idea of a childlike, wide-eyed wonder at the world in which we live. As we get older it is possible to lose this sense of awe about what God is doing all around us.

The miracle of life itself is enacted millions of times each day. The potential and possibilities contained within a seed – be it animal or vegetable – is something that brings a sense of wonder to my mind.

I quote from something I read: “The mustard seed is insignificant – lose it in the earth and it dies. Yet it has within it the power of God. It springs to life and produces a tree that birds of the air will be glad to shelter in.”

Man’s creations simply don’t have that kind of potential.

O God, You summon the day to dawn, You teach the morning to waken the earth. We give You thanks for the wonderful gift of life, for the miraculous and the mundane!

Sue Abrams

Spalding Baptist Church

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