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Your letters on Spalding market, Sutton Bridge's hidden treasure and the NHS

It’s hard cheese for council as business sets up shop elsewhere

Last week, I went to Downham Market and if you judge a town by the number of empty shops then they are very successful. I was there for a ceremony to open the Norfolk Cheese Company’s new shop.

Cheese lovers will remember their stall in Spalding Market Place. However, this is an interesting tale of the differences between the two towns.

I can remember the struggle to get the (South Holland District)Council to allow their pod on to the market and plugging the electrics into the antiquated electrical system which the council offers its stall holders.

At that time there were three of these pods, all offering food stuffs where today on my last visit to the market there are none.

Eventually, the Norfolk Cheese Co abandoned our market but continued with others to do their apprenticeship and gained the confidence to open their first shop, of which Downham Market – not Spalding – is the recipient.

How many other businesses have started from the humble market place and now own shops... which we are so desperate to fill.

Can I suggest the Spalding Steering Group look at the regulation we impose on these small businesses and start with an objective of having a thriving market in the next 12 months?Of course it doesn’t stop with providing space and facilities for the stalls – the market needs to be promoted.

So if you can’t wait for the powers to be to deliver this basic of the local economy, The Norfolk Cheese Company would love your website business.

Geoff Taylor

via email

John Elson's Free Press cartoon (47941912)
John Elson's Free Press cartoon (47941912)

I found the hoard in my garden pond!

I read with interest that yet another person claims to know where King John’s jewels are to be found (Free Press, June 1).

Many have tried and all have failed, it seems. That is, however, until I was excavating my new garden pond – on April 1!

Keith Day

Sutton Bridge

Investment is urgently needed

The wonderful people working in our NHS have come through a time like no other and now is the time like no other for our NHS and for what the future holds for it.

The NHS urgently needs billions of pounds of extra investment to shore up staff numbers and head off a haemorrhaging of doctors, nurses and other frontline health workers.

The NHS Confederation, NHS Providers, British Medical Association, Royal College of Nursing, Academy of Royal Medical Colleges and public sector union Unison have jointly written to prime minister Boris Johnson warning of the “very real risk” that if NHS staff leave, a vicious circle will be created where “staff vacancies are the greatest threat to the retention of NHS staff”.

The six organisations are calling on the Government to take rapid and speedy action “to
address the chronic under supply of NHS staff”.

They say extra funding is needed to ensure staff can deliver and do more for patients as well as covering the additional workforce costs created by the fallout from Covid-19. This includes the
national vaccination programme and the growing demand for support and treatment for patients with long Covid. The representative bodies say additional investment in workforce capacity is imperative to tackle the huge and ballooning elective care backlog.

Increasing staff numbers will also help beef up mental health services. Here , it has been predicted , up to 10 million people will need either new or additional mental health support as a direct result of the crisis and the consequent economic downturn.

Rodney Sadd


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