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Letters to the Lincolnshire Free Press editor on education and the county election

It’s past time silent majority stood up

Children really are the future, and it seems like some people have realised that means by indoctrinating kids at a young age they can control that future. Sir John Hayes’ column on the April 19 put this point well, not only that these people exist and their attempts at pushing extreme political views on children must be challenged; but that the obsessive focus on identity politics by a small group of activists is taking our national focus away from helping those children who are truly in need.

After reading of the Sewell Report I find it really shocking just how far removed the kind of people Sir John wrote about are from reality.

Sir John mentioned that white British children finish 11th out of 18 for educational attainment – this is a far cry from the fashionable view of victimhood peddled nowadays, and I welcome Sir John highlighting that we need to focus on those children who are suffering, no matter their background.

It is past time the silent majority of this country started standing up against those who would use children as political test tube subjects.

Andrew Livsey

via email

John Elson's Lincolnshire Free Press cartoon (47002874)
John Elson's Lincolnshire Free Press cartoon (47002874)

I will do my utmost to represent all

I write to express my thanks to all those who have renewed their confidence in me by voting at the recent county council election. In turn I will represent you as your county councillor for a further four years.

I’m overwhelmed and humbled to be in this position once again and it was a privilege to meet so many residents during the election campaign and I look forward to meeting many more of you soon.

It’s not always easy to find both the motivation and the time to cast your vote, not helped by the inclement weather on the day.However, whether you voted for me, my opponent or maybe not at all, I will continue to do my utmost to represent all of you enthusiastically and efficiently for the good of the county of Lincolnshire and particularly those residents in the large Crowland division.

Nigel Pepper

via email

I intend to make a difference

I wanted to thank all those who voted for me and helped me to secure the post as your new county councillor for the Suttons.

With your confidence in me, I am sure that we can achieve all the goals we set out for ourselves.

I will help voice your grievances when you cannot and I assure you that in my position of power I will make sure I do my best. My heartfelt thanks to you all for taking the time to elect me for this prestigious position.I intend to show you that you made the right decision and I will try to solve your problems wherever I can.

I intend to lead us to greater heights and accomplish all that I have set out to do and I intend to ensure all your grievances will be looked into and resolved to the best of my ability

Chris Brewis has been a good county councillor. I would like to thank him for all the work he has done and the milestones he has achieved.

He is still a district councillor and has a lot of knowledge about the area; I would like to carry on working alongside him in the future, gaining some of his knowledge.

Whether you supported me or Chris, I promise I will work hard and do my best to look after your needs.

I want to hear from you as your district and county councillor for the Suttons – I will do my best to help in any way I can.

I aim to do this job justice, work hard and show you that your vote was not wasted.

I will uphold all of the responsibilities and ensure that the trust you have bestowed upon me is not broken.

So wherever you live, in my area, you can always contact me on 07951552087 or email jtyrrell@sholland.gov.uk;

In the next four years I intend to make a difference in your lives and in our area.

If you have any problems don’t hesitate to contact me.

Coun Jack Tyrrell

via email

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