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Letters to the Lincolnshire Free Press editor: April 6, 2021

Can you respond to pothole concerns?

I have been reading and listening to comments regarding the potholes and the state of the roads.

I do understand the reasons behind roads and the pothole problems: wet, cold weather etc. The question I’m asking, are they being managed correctly?

If you want to contact the website Fix My Street, a computer is required to inform and identify the the potholes. They respond by letting you know it’s been logged and recorded.

This is how it seems to work... weeks/months later out come the road workers, fill in, very poorly, the identified potholes and leave the ones next to it or metres from it.

Fix My Street are then informed by the public at a later date there are still potholes which have been left unfilled and, weeks/months later, out come the road repairers again and fill in the ones you never identified the first time.

One trip would have done both jobs.

This is just proving that Lincs Highways is wasting the tax payers’ money, again.

Is the Lincolnshire Highways department monitoring the work which is being carried out by – I presume – contractors.

Richard Davies, Richard Fenwick or someone from Highways, can you please respond to these concerns.

David Barfoot

Shepeau Stow

John Elson's Lincolnshire Free Press cartoons. (45843353)
John Elson's Lincolnshire Free Press cartoons. (45843353)

When will we see positive action?

At the end of this month we see yet another of our much loved and frequented shops closing its doors for good.

I cannot help thinking that when national chains, like M&S, elect to close one of their stores, the decision is in no small way linked to how they they view the future prosperity of the host town.

Yet again, I see another letter (T. E Carter) spelling out disgust at the state of Spalding and the apparent lack of ideas or action from our district council.

How many more people need to raise this very real issue before some positive action emanates from the local powers that be? Time and again we read of this or that group that has been set up to look at this aspect or that possibility to attract visitors to our once vibrant market town.

All this whilst shops continue to close.

Market stalls disappear by the week and the only positive thing that seems to have happened worthy of mention in recent times is the formation of voluntary litter picking groups.

Thank God for our wonderful council tax-paying citizens who would seem to be able to make positive things happen for the benefit of our community.

Perhaps they could invite some our district councillors to their litter picking planning meetings. Who knows... they may go away with some positivity to make a much needed contribution to the revitalisation of our town!

We live in eternal hope.

Alan Meyern


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