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Letters to the Spalding Guardian editor – April 1,2021

I am disgusted at state of our town

Prior to re-electing our current councillors or the prospective candidates, I wonder how many will be willing to enlighten us to their previous professional/commercial/business experience/achievements.
Perhaps they could also inform us why they should be elected, when they appear to have no imput/veto on local schemes imposed by Lincolnshire County Council.
Abandon hope if we are detailed off to be ruled from Lincoln (bike racks, short-time street parking and chaos at the tip come to mind).
There appears more rubbish in town than at the tip – have they tried to get a convenient appointment?
Even with social distancing, what is wrong/difficult, with one visit, putting your rubbish in the appropriate skip?
There seems to be enough mattresses laying around Spalding to furnish a hospital ward.
How, despite asking local opinions (totally ignored), does the (district) council expect to increase town visitors with the above rules and then increasing car park charges.
They have also decimated the market traders who had a vibrant town centre market – now they are hard put to get six stalls. Are closure plans on the agenda?
People are not going to visit to see any amount of statues or fancy paint jobs.
Clean up the town. Give locals pride in where they live, educate the young to clear up after themselves, then we might get investment into the town with viable shops.
I am sorry but the current showing gives me no confidence in their ability or competence to organise a tea party for a dozen rabbits in an acre of lettuce.
As a genuine ‘pigeon ender’ I am disgusted how the town has been allowed to deteriorate.
T.E Carter

THOUGHT FOR THE WEEK: Were you there when they crucified him?

The weekend before last was Passion Sunday which focuses on the agony of the suffering of Jesus Christ.

The weekend just gone was Palm Sunday where we celebrate with palm crosses and praises.

Palm Sunday – an outdoor day with crowds and processions, hardly permitted in today’s restrictions, so we will have to imagine!

A king riding on a donkey, encouraging the crowds and followers to think that his time of ‘kingdom coming’ is immanent!

Not to be as the week progressed from praises to wishing him dead!

What a fickle crowd, what a disappointed crowd, what a let down...

We had thought, we had believed he was going to overthrow…

Viewpoints changed so quickly, from hoping for a new era, to realising that he was on his way to be tried by the justice system, with false witnesses and plenty of passing the buck between the civil and religious authorities.

So we started the week with Palm Sunday rejoicing as we can in the crowd with social distancing, even able to process safely behind Jesus, but where will be by Friday?

Will we rejoice like the centurion who praised God at the foot of the cross and said: “Surely this man must be the Son of God?”

Not many stayed there. It was dark, it was desolate and it was agony….so were you there when they crucified him?

Rev Frances Ballantyne

Spalding Methodist Church

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