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Letters to the Lincolnshire Free Press editor: March 16,2021

A very sad day for lovely market town

So the regrettable day finally came, and Long Sutton’s final High Street bank branch, TSB, has closed.

No national organisations seem to grasp how damaging such remotely taken decisions are, to the general economic health and wellbeing of our special rural towns.

I was immensely grateful and proud of the hundreds and hundreds of people who signed the petition which I organised, and to all those who wrote to TSB.

The only gain we have made is that TSB have said they will have a day a week in the Market House, when they will deal with account matters, etc, in a confidential environment.

In the meantime, the phone number to ring is the one on the back of your debit card.

A very sad day for one of our country’s nicest, small market towns.

Coun Chris Brewis

Sutton Bridge

John Elson's Lincolnshire Free Press cartoon (45152629)
John Elson's Lincolnshire Free Press cartoon (45152629)

His letter validates my original request

I’m not sure that the letters page should be a vehicle for lengthy personal arguments of the ‘he said, she said’ variety, but I cannot ignore Craig Jackson’s accusation (Free Press, March 2) that in my letter of January 19 I was telling lies.

My letter had been a response to the inappropriate tone of his letter of the previous week, in which he boasted that ‘Brexit was done’ and extolled the virtues of Boris Johnson.

I disagreed with him on both points. This time Mr Jackson concentrates his attack on a paragraph in which I criticised our government’s mismanagement of the Covid pandemic.

Given that the whole of that paragraph was concerned with Europe, I would have thought it obvious that I was comparing our death rate with other countries in Europe rather than worldwide.

If there were other European countries with a worse death rate than our own, I was not aware of them, and for Mr Jackson to suggest that ‘the statement from Anna is more lies’ is offensive and completely uncalled for. I have now checked a statistics website, which states: “The UK currently (on February 25) has the highest amount of deaths of any country in Europe at 120,580.”
I was unable to find figures for the previous month but I think my point remains valid.

To answer his other points – yes, the EU has made a mess of its vaccine policy, and its threat to the Irish border was wrong and stupid.

However, it was our negotiators who signed the agreement that allowed them to do this, and it was our government who not long before had threatened to break international law by reneging on part of their own trade agreement.Pots and kettles?

We can no longer blame the EU for problems which are the result of the agreement we so triumphantly signed.

No one said the EU was perfect, but many of us still maintain that we would be better in than out, and our views deserve better than Mr Jackson’s bullying.

My letter of February 16 was a plea for more tolerance and respect for other people’s views, (following Mr Jackson’s tirade of February 2) and his latest letter is an even clearer indication of the need for this.

Anna Maxey


EDITOR: Correspondence on this matter is now closed.

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