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Letters to the Spalding Guardian editor: March 11, 2021

This latest repair is so much better

Since your report regarding the terrible condition of our rural roads and poor sticking plaster repairs, I have to acknowledge Lincolnshire County Council Highways for a job well done down at Thomas Road and the B1173 from the Airfield down to Whip Chicken Corner.

I note a substantial repair that is more cost effective than the patchwork quilt we have seen in the past.

The pothole has been repaired well. (45036452)
The pothole has been repaired well. (45036452)

It’s better safer and will last a lot longer to benefit our local roads.

Rodney Sadd


THOUGHT FOR THE WEEK: Till we have faces

That’s the title of a remarkable novel by Professor CS Lewis.

It also reminds me of an article written by Dr Rachel Clarke, a tireless and passionate campaigner for better government support for our National Health Service, who has devoted her life in recent times to providing palliative care in a hospice for patients suffering severely from Covid-19.

Rachel reminds us that most of these patients will never again see a human face. The doctors, nurses and other staff are heavily masked. The patients are masked too.

The dreadful isolation which lockdown imposes on families and friends has meant that many have died in tragic loneliness.

She has seen visitors sitting in their vehicles in hospital car parks, helplessly unable to go through the doors and enter the wards, but clutching at the small consolation of being somewhere near their loved one whose face they may never see again.

We have had to learn how to cope with a world where we must regularly sanitise our hands, and cannot enter shops without putting on a mask.

Wandering round a supermarket is a strange experience. We are asked to shop alone. Covered faces are hard to recognise, and if we want to smile at someone we meet, our smile cannot be seen.

Lonely folk who cherish the pleasure of meeting friends or chatting to strangers must find this world a sad and alien place. But the good news of Christian faith is that God has declared his love for our alienated world through an unmasked human face.

“God,” wrote the apostle Paul, “made his light shine in our hearts to give us the light of the knowledge of God’s glory displayed in the face of Christ.” That’s beautiful. The mysteries of Almighty God translated into the smiles and tears of a divinely human face. Thank God for that! And maybe you and I, even while we must go on wearing masks, could learn how better to share that love and glory in our currently sad and faceless world.

Steve Weatherly-Barton

Minister of Gosberton Baptist Church, chaplain of Johnson Community Hospital, Spalding

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