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Letters to the Lincolnshire Free Press editor – February 9, 2021

Our MP’s idea over medals was incredibly good

Its been a number of years since I last felt the want to write into the paper in support of anything but upon reading John Hayes’ article on common sense and also reading this in the Daily Telegraph, signed by over 20 fellow MPs, regarding the proposal to start naming future roads, parks and public buildings after our Victoria Cross and George Cross winners, I felt compelled to say what an incredibly good idea.

We face in the country today, moves from the so called liberal progressive left to abandon our history and culture as though we should be ashamed of our country and its great achievements.

For sure, if measured by today’s values some events and personalities may not be to our taste.

It makes it though, nonetheless, our history and achievements and we should not be ashamed but we should be proud of our history.

If it were not for the many who gave their lives in the service of our country, of all genders,
religion and colour, we would not today enjoy the freedoms that the liberal progressive left would today try and throw away and not in the name of progress.

I believe John’s move was motivated in part by Birmingham City Councils to decision to rename some street names with names like Diversity Road, which may be a noble name but if this was to remove the Name St Georges Road or Churchill Close it becomes intolerable and unacceptable.

Those whose disposition it is to believe that this is acceptable, should remember that Nazi Germany would burn books they felt were not compatible with the view of the day, and Communist Russia and China today still manage what its citizens can see on the news channels.

This is not freedom nor liberal or progressive. However, both, yes both are left wing. Nazi Germany was not right wing, it was very much left wing.

So well done John and keep up the good work.

Jason Johnson

via email

John Elson's Lincolnshire Free Press cartoon (44303581)
John Elson's Lincolnshire Free Press cartoon (44303581)

The drive to refashion history is a denial of what we are

Claire Richardson in her letter ( December 8) is entirely wrong to defend the re-writing of history.

As a free speech campaigner, I have seen many examples of this revisionism instigated by the naive and well-intentioned, but hijacked for political ends and transformed into a sinister form of historical negationism and used to normalise evil whilst downplaying prior wrongdoings.

The problem with approaching history from a subjective standpoint, attempting to
reshape and reform what’s gone before, is that it leaves this possibility open to those who pursue more brazen, dangerous dishonesty for their own ends.

Instead, we must endeavour to approach history with dispassionate objectivity, noting the priorities and perspectives of the time without allowing them to colour our own.

John Hayes (MP) is right that the left-wing drive to refashion history is a denial of what Britain is now.

As he wisely points out, what we are now is, in part, a product of what we have been.

Alistair Thompson

via email

Kirsty Gallagher-Handford Our puppy Honey 10 weeks old, chilling in the garden (spalding).June (44170803)
Kirsty Gallagher-Handford Our puppy Honey 10 weeks old, chilling in the garden (spalding).June (44170803)

You should be proud of your great leaders

I am amazed that Anna Maxey (‘Reactionary, narrow views are damaging- January 26) and other British people have such a negative outlook on Brexit and the excellent trade deal. Your MP Hayes is very active for his people and understands why Brexit is better for Britain.

The UK should be extremely proud of what your leaders have achieved. I am not British but I know that Prime Minister Boris Johnson is greatly admired in Europe, like your incredible Winston Churchill was.

Taking back control of your laws, immigration, money and destiny is not to be sniffed at.

Many more countries in the EU are looking at your country with great envy. Britain is a beacon of freedom and democracy and gives hope to the millions in Europe who do not have a voice. The EU is not listening to the people.

In my home country we dream of that type of freedom. When we were freed from the yolk of communism, we thought we would start to enjoy the fruits of freedom and democracy that we craved for so long.

We thought the EU was the future, but as we have now found to our costs that is not the case. We have only swapped our political masters in Moscow for the ones in Brussels.

Many of my friends in Hungary and from Poland, the Baltic states and the rest of Europe feel the same.

Great Britain has a very exciting future being in Europe geographically, but not ruled by the little men in Berlin and Brussels.

Russian reader

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