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Letters to the Lincolnshire Free Press editor – February 2, 2021

Column written by MP should be called ‘A rant from the right’

I would describe myself as politically liberal, a little left of centre. I hope I am a tolerant person who recognises grievances, abhors prejudice and and the stirring of hatred.

In those respects I believe that the majority of the population of this country would agree.

After reading Sir John Hayes’ latest column, I now realise that he considers me a “dangerous extremist” who “poses a sinister threat to our freedom”.

Given that I regard myself as “woke” (dictionary definition; aware of and actively attentive to important facts and issues, especially issues of racial and social justice), but possibly Sir John and I do not share the same definition.

He does, however, somewhat surprisingly, know more about the liberal establishment than I do.

Just read his statement again: “The liberal establishment’s
eager embrace of such militancy is an attempt to justify its own elitist seclusion from what they see as untutored mainstream sentiments.” Pardon me! Is this English?

I understand that history is neither static nor objective, nor even “right”.

The teaching of it is essential in any society but only when it is done so with an open mind and inclusive of any events that in retrospect societies might be less proud of. I am not sure who Sir John thinks his audience is, perhaps if we had more “common sense” then all would be clear. I am sure, however, that the Free Press should consider retitling Sir John’s column from Hayes in the House to A Rant from the Right.

Nigel Duce

via email

This stunning picture by Joelle Gibbons, looking down on the River Glen, was taken from near the back of the Johnson Hospital. (44160814)
This stunning picture by Joelle Gibbons, looking down on the River Glen, was taken from near the back of the Johnson Hospital. (44160814)

They are speaking out for the silent majority

Two statesmen deserve particular praise for their straightforward common sense.

Robert Jenrick, nearby Newark’s MP, is right to protect our landmarks and statues from what he calls “braying mobs”, referencing the Black Lives Matter extremists who painted graffiti on the statue of our wartime hero Sir Winston Churchill.

The new law means that streets cannot be renamed, or statues removed without full planning permission.

Our own Sir John Hayes MP’s excellent campaign against the senseless wokes who
despise our nation’s history and, as he says, have contempt for “most of what Britons hold dear” deserves the support of patriots of all parties.

Sir John is right, you cannot appease people who want to rewrite our history anymore than we could have appeased the tyrants of the past.

Well done Mr Jenrick and congratulations to Sir John Hayes for continuing to speak up for the silent majority.

Stephen Callum Dawes

via email

Sir John is a voice of and for the people

Mr Swallow’s radically biased letter in your paper last week (‘MP’s opposition shows his right wing beliefs’), only serves to demonstrate how blinding political partisanship can be.

Anyone who has been paying even cursory attention to the aims and ambitions of Black Lives Matter will surely realise the extent of their radicalism.

As Sir John rightly pointed out in his excellent and timely article, calling for the destruction of the nuclear family, capitalism and the police force are hardly thoughtful, moderate policy prescriptions. Whilst they may indeed chime with political radicals such as Mr Swallow, I can assure you that they do not chime with the overwhelming majority of people here in South Holland!

I am pleased that we have an MP who seeks to unite people around an inclusive conception of the common good and national patriotism.

Those who insist we are defined by exclusive characteristics such as race and gender, encourage tribalism and conflict which we must seek to overcome.

I can see that it galls people like Mr Swallow that Sir John is rightly regarded as one of the best constituency MPs in the country.

That alone would be enough to warrant support, but that he writes and speaks so well on so many subjects in itself
deserves the thanks and praise of people from all political persuasions.

So, whilst I can somewhat understand Mr Swallow’s objections to the excesses of the American justice system, he must also realise that things are very different here in the United Kingdom. Indeed, research by the BBC concluded that ‘over the last 10 years, a white individual who has been arrested was about 25% more likely to die in custody than a black individual who had been arrested’.

Whilst inequalities do indeed exist in our society, the answer is, as Sir John suggests, to find common components of unity, rather than distortion and division. In this way, Sir John is a voice of the people, for the people.

Thank you and best wishes,

Charlotte Ewing

via email

Britain was never an equal partner in the European Union

Anna Maxey (‘Reactionary, narrow views are damaging’) got herself into such a spin over my letter last week that I can only assume she did not read it properly.

If she had she will have seen that much of the praise
lavished on Boris’ Brexit deal was provided by Alexander Von Schoenburg, editor of the German newspaper Bild.

He was providing a view from Europe where they recognise that Boris has achieved the
impossible and negotiated a very good deal for Britain.

If anyone wishes to read the full article, put his name and Brexit into your search

Unfortunately, there is a hard core of remoaners who have repeated their pro-EU disinformation so often they now believe it is true, contrary to the facts and evidence.

It is a complete myth that we were equal partners in the EU.

The EU is just like Animal Farm: “We are all equal – but some are more equal than others.” Remember the ERM debacle, our rebate, and more recently the EU’s central vaccine buying programme.

Like most EU initiatives, it has descended into farce and disaster. They failed to buy enough doses, most of those purchased have been plundered by Germany and the

final insult for the rest was that Germany has been secretly buying millions of doses after ordering the rest to go through the EU scheme. Completely vindicates the Vote to Leave.

And yes, I do believe we will have even more influence in the world now we have left the EU. There are dozens of reasons why, but these would take up too many column inches here. Remoaners said it would take decades to replicate EU trade deals, but that was also Project Fear (PF). GB has now negotiated more Free Trade Agreements (FTAs) in less than a year, than the EU managed in 50.

More are in the pipeline with Australia, New Zealand and The Comprehensive Progressive Trans Pacific Partnership (CPTPP) which will be more than twice the size of the EU when we join this year.

The USA is set to follow in 2022/23, providing a FTA by default. The CPTPP will account for up to 75% of all global growth over the next 30 years.

Here are a few snippets your readers can find online;

The Henry Jackson Society’s 2019 Audit of Geopolitical Capability ranks GB as the 2nd most powerful nation in the world – despite Brexit. The Centre for Economics and Business Research (CEBR) forecasts that GB will overtake Germany as the largest economy in Europe by 2035 – thanks to Brexit. Likewise, flat worlders may not have heard of CANZUK (Canada, Australia, New Zealand, UK). Anna should look it up.

There have been no Brexit related queues at any British ports. The delays at Christmas were COVID-related. Lorries are moving freely at all ports with no congestion.

The boss of Nissan – Ashwani Gumpta – reports that our Brexit deal gives his plant and other car manufacturers in Britain a competitive advantage compared to our EU competitors in another knockout blow to PF – ouch!

The outcome for students is even better. Thanks to Brexit the narrow Erasmus Scheme – which restricted studies to the EU – has been replaced with the new GLOBAL Turing Scheme which allows study anywhere in the world.

Little Europeans fail to see there is a big world beyond the EU’s borders.

Equally, travel is a breeze. No visa required for stays of up to 90 days in any 180 days period or six months a year. In another blow to PF, Spain, Portugal, Italy and Greece plan to introduce fast track lanes for British visitors – we will be out of the airport even faster than before.

Britons are the best travelled in Europe. The EHIC is being replaced with the GLOBAL Health Insurance Card (GHIC).

On COVID, I do not think any leader of any party would have performed any better. Anna needs to get her facts straight, we do not have the highest death rate in the world and the way different countries compile those stats means she is not comparing like-for-like. Equally, there is no shortage of the vaccine like in the EU where they are fighting like ferrets in a sack over who gets how many. You just know we would have got the smallest share!

To the credit of Boris who has only been PM for a year – and was nearly killed by the virus – has got Brexit DONE and is handling a national emergency. No PM before or since Churchill had to manage such demands simultaneously. He has, as our German friend said – done the impossible against all the odds. Extending the transition period would have meant a huge contribution of hundreds of Billions to the EU’s support scheme, which is also a monumental disaster.

Craig Jackson

Vote Leave Constituency Coordinator – South Holland & The Deepings

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