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Letters to the Spalding Guardian editor – December 3, 2020

It’s time the plug was pulled on the the BBC

So the BBC has suspended a Lincoln football pundit for using the word, ‘handbags’ during the match against Accrington Stanley.

This is from an organisation that gave Frankie Boyle a TV show after he made a ‘joke’ about the former model Jordan having sex with her disabled son and later one of his guests expressing the desire to kill white people on two occasions.

An organisation that is in effect a de-facto sponsor of organised crime by showing on screen sports that are riddled with illegal chemistry.

Athletics? A load of druggies who should be in ‘care in the community’.

The London Olympics – widely recognised as the dirtiest ever.

The Paralympics, totally trashed, in fairness by their own in-house, ‘File on Four’, team.

Time should be called on the BBC. This is one ‘Auntie’ that would benefit from major surgery, if not euthanasia.

Put it out of our misery and take three of its £4billion allowance and give it to Social Services.

It’s very easy for Sir John Hayes to criticize national media bias in the local press. An entirely different matter to put his head above the parapet and to do the rounds on national television and radio to do so.

Rick Stringer

Sutton St James

Becca Smith took this picture of her dog Bella in Holbeach one morning last month.
Becca Smith took this picture of her dog Bella in Holbeach one morning last month.

Show some compassion at Christmas

As Christmas approaches, we encourage everybody to consider the impact they have on animals. Every year, around 14 million turkeys are farmed and slaughtered in the UK – the vast majority of them for Christmas dinners.

Most of these turkeys will have spent their short lives on a factory farm, wherethey are denied their basic needs. There is rarely any natural sunlight, there is no grass, and premature death and disease is commonplace.

Animal Aid has uncovered the horrific conditions on turkey farms over the years, including on so-called ‘high welfare’ farms.

Regardless of whether these animals are farmed on factory farms or smaller ‘high-welfare’ farms, they always end up facing horrific and terrifying deaths at the slaughterhouse.

The good news is that there is a number of plant-based options available in supermarkets and from independent retailers, as well as a plethora of recipes online! In fact, Animal Aid is offering a free digital copy of our Have a Very Vegan Christmas recipe booklet to anybody who wants to have a cruelty-free Christmas this year.

Show compassion this festive season and opt for a vegan Christmas dinner.

Those interested in learning more or receiving a free copy of our vegan Christmas recipe book can visit: www.animalaid.org.uk/their-christmas-wish

Tod Bradbury

Animal Aid campaign manager

John Elson's Spalding Guardian cartoon. (43367351)
John Elson's Spalding Guardian cartoon. (43367351)

People were so kind and caring after my fall

Following the letter in last week’s Spalding Guardian (about a man’s fall in Long Sutton) headed ‘So Many Walked Past’.

I am writing to say ‘people in Spalding are caring and kind.’

Three weeks ago, I was crossing the road from Booth’s Greengrocery shopwhen a car was driven at such excessive speed that I stumbled and fell flat on my face in the centre of New Road.

Immediately I was surrounded by strangers, all wanting to help.

A man stood in the road to shelter my body from the traffic and another brought a blanket with which to keep me warm.

A passing First Aider parked her car in the road, switched on herhazard warning lightsand then bound my bleeding head with bandages, which were provided by the landlady of the ‘Punchbowl’ pub.

Graham Booth rang 999 and brought a chair from the shop whilst the ambulance arrived to take me to Pilgrim Hospital.

I arrived home eight hours later, heavily bandaged, and I am now almost fully recovered.

Thank you so much to all those who gave their help and didn’t ‘just walk past’.

We are so pleased to live in a town where the people are so kind and caring.

Rodney Britten

vie email

What is it they are not telling us?

Regarding the current situation with corona virus, perhaps the Government and their advisers should be congratulated on their success.

Why is it that they have only listened to their own so-called experts and continually ignored all other reliable scientific, medical and professional advice?

These other sources of information, incidentally, have been banned from airing their views and giving the facts both on the TV or in the newspapers. Outrageous!

The Government has only told us what it wants us to hear. What a surprise.

So firstly they have succeeded in brainwashing the people... very subtle. Secondly, they have succeeded in getting rid of the High Street and all the family businesses that go with it... excellent!

Tens of thousands of people will now be on the dole queue... superb!

Then, of course, they have crippled the national economy... incredible!

And more importantly, they have managed to smash up the family unit... brilliant!

And all this for a “disease’’ which has affected just 0.03% of the population.

The total number of COVID-only deaths is around 1,700. The overall death rate is no higher than in previous years. The hospitals are not overwhelmed. The Nightingale hospitals remain empty. And there is no proof that face masks actually work.

The true facts are readily available for everyone to access.

So well done, it would appear to me that the Government have successfully carried out their orders. Orders from who and why remain to be seen.

Why do they continue with this line of action and what is it that they are not telling us?

I am looking forward to the day when the truth comes out as it always does and when that day arrives I expect to see resignations and arrests and convictions and heads rolling all along Whitehall.

John Broadley

Tongue End

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