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Letters to the Lincolnshire Free Press editor – December 1, 2020

We need MP to be our voice

Copy of a letter sent to MP Sir John Hayes: I am writing to you because of the very serious issue of Crowland and South Holland being in tier 3 . I work in Peterborough, my husband –a scientist – has worked throughout in Huntingdon. Our stats are lower than some tier 2 yet we are tier 3.

Up until now I’ve gone along with it but the mental health and business crisis this is creating is horrendous.

I myself have reached my limit. Blanket tiers because of higher cases in the massive county that is Lincolnshire is not okay and not safe. It is ruining people’s lives and livelihood.

I hear that South Kesteven are appealing theirs, I strongly urge you to do the same.

If there was ever a time we needed our MP to be our voice it is now.

I once met you at Bookmark. We discussed the politics A Level I was working on at Spalding High, you seemed like you were of sound judgement and on the side of what’s right so I really hope this still stands.

Alix Beecroft

via email

John Elson's Lincolnshire Free Press cartoon (43333693)
John Elson's Lincolnshire Free Press cartoon (43333693)

Thank goodness for Sir John and common sense

Following your report (Free Press, November 24), local MP Sir John Hayes deserves great credit for establishing the Common Sense Group, now comprising over 50 Tory MPs!

As a popular and influential figure in the Conservative Party, his rallying call for Conservatives to stand up for the silent majority of patriotic Britons is timely and vitally important.

If those who represent us do not take action soon, the left’s suffocating stranglehold over our mainstream media and national institutions will only tighten.

It is so sad to see once-treasured national bodies like the BBC, National Trust and National Maritime Museum descend into vitriolic political partisanship.

One can only hope that, with Sir John, from the heart of South Lincolnshire, at the helm of the Common Sense Group, we can begin to take back control of charities and organisations; restoring them to their former glory.

Andrew Livsey

via email

Thousands of pounds... and all to ruin the High Street

So Holbeach Parish Council is proposing to spend thousands of pounds of our money (government money = our taxes) killing the High Street.

I presume the idea of doing a survey online is so that when the council decides to go ahead with this hair brained scheme they can claim that nobody responded so they must be happy.

Many of the people that this will affect probably do not have the necessary computer skills (and certainly not Facebook) to take part in an online survey.

In a rural area like ours, most people are reliant on a car and councillors are living in cloud cuckoo land if they think developing a cycle network is going to change things.

Once the High Street is closed off, the only winner will be Tesco. People will park there and go no further. Gradually our shops will disappear because nobody knew they were there.

The best way to revive the High Street is to encourage through traffic so that people see what a diverse range of shops we have.

The only vehicles that want banning from the town centre is heavy lorries and agricultural machinery. We have a perfectly good bypass (A17) so there is no need for HGVs to come through town.

Much better to spend the money on repairing potholes and the many other good causes that this pandemic has thrown up.

Johnny Walkers


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