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Letters to the Lincolnshire Free Press editor – September 29, 2020

We all need to play our part and be safe

It has been reported about illegal raves taking place – one quite recently at Shep White’s.

This has been a meeting place since I was young, although obviously any group gathering in these Coronavirus times are illegal and irresponsible.

And they are certainly responsible for the increase in cases, positive tests, and potentially an increase in deaths due to either COVID-19, or further restrictions, meaning delays in hospital and medical centre treatment or diagnosis.

The use of the police to attempt to break up this selfish gathering took hours, wasted police time which could have been spent more productively, but appallingly resulted in injury to police personnel, which is abhorrent.

Interestingly, not only is Holbeach St Marks a magnet for these illegal gatherings, it appears that the police response can be different too.

A few weekends ago the police were called because of an illegal gathering at a large house in the village. But presumably an event reported several times, which involved no social distancing but outdoor adult activities is not worth investigating?

We all need to play our part to ensure our own, and each other’s safety.

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Horticulture needs a level playing field

We thank Sir John Hayes for showing interest and enthusiasm in our cause regarding our AHDB ballot. He has assisted by opening up more direct communication with the Minister at DEFRA.

His support is most welcomed and by helping businesses such as ours, the benefits are far further reaching than many realise.

Our area provides most fresh vegetables to the UK supply chain and provides employment and supports all other businesses in the local area which benefits the local economy.

Vegetable production as well as other crops are in dire straits and desperately need funding to continue otherwise we could find our national food security will be put at risk and damaging to the local rural economy. The margins are too tight at the best of times but with poor yields and increased cost as well as a labour shortage, this could affect public health sooner than you think.

While we thank Sir John Hayes for what his effort and encouragement, we also urge him to seek alternative grants match funding to protect employment , food security and the local economy. This happens in other parts of the country already so why not Lincolnshire?

Horticulture has not enjoyed the subsidies agriculture has had the pleasure of and therefore has rationalised as far as reasonably possible, the few of us who are left require a degree of levelling up on the playing field which government will see a great return by protecting public health, jobs and the rural economy. On top of this they will benefit from PAYE, VAT and Income Tax.

Simon Redden

Redford Flowers Ltd

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