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Lincolnshire Free Press letters

Tell me why!

Why do we have to jump through so many hoops to organise a simple community event? The problems are not about actual safety, they are about shifting the blame from anyone in an official position, just in case there is an accident. Just look what Lewes in Sussex manage.

Why don't Lincolnshire County Council fix the crumbling road infrastructure or fail to do so properly when they do try?

Why can't South Holland District Council resolve a simple issue over a play area in less than a year and a half?

Why do many organisations hide behind IT technology to avoid speaking in person to customers, or individuals use it to say things they would not do if face to face?

Why is it necessary to wait so long for a medical appointment or talk to the same doctor we saw last time?

Why can't the NHS sort out our local hospitals without sending us miles away for treatment?

Why can't government adjust the social security system without putting social housing tenants in rent arrears for many months?

Why do we need food banks whilst we give away billions in foreign aid and a railway few of us will use?

Why do local authorities give planning permission for thousands of new homes we don't actually need in our area?

Why can't some people accept the result of a democratic referendum?

Why don't some farmers clear up the mud they have spread over our roads ( a lot of them do, so it's clearly possible)?

Why can't BT and other communications firms stop people trying to scam us?

Why do a very small number of individuals unnecessarily cause such hassle for others over minor things that are of interest only to them?

I know the answer to some of these problem, so WHY are they so hard to fix?!

Coun Paul Foyster


READER'S PHOTOS: Uptown Records owner Alan Barnsdale sent us this picture of Rockin' Pagan and Ray Fenwick performing at Pinchbeck Village Hall, where they raised £500 for Macmillan Cancer Support. (5314171)
READER'S PHOTOS: Uptown Records owner Alan Barnsdale sent us this picture of Rockin' Pagan and Ray Fenwick performing at Pinchbeck Village Hall, where they raised £500 for Macmillan Cancer Support. (5314171)

MP says what he thinks

How refreshing to have a Member of Parliament who says what he really thinks, rather than the run of the mill/sit on the fence politicians who no longer care what their constituents want or believe.

Whether, like many, you favour capital punishment for child killers and mass murderers or not, it is right to have an open, honest and free debate about its value as a deterrent.

Well done John for speaking for the millions of people whose voice is rarely heard and in standing up for those that suffer.

Allan Beal


Why has nothing been done?

How long does it take to remove an abandoned camper van that has been left at Green Bank in Whaplode Drove for the last nine weeks.

Despite numerous phone calls to the council and the police by several locals, nothing has been done.

With no MOT, this is illegal as far as I know. I think if my car was parked in Spalding for nine hours, causing an obstruction, it would have been towed away and crushed.

Abandoned camper van (5313100)
Abandoned camper van (5313100)

Get your finger out and dispose of this rubbish.

Trevor Taylor

via email

Huge rise in crime since ending of the death penalty

I was disappointed to learn of the Government's peremptory dismissal of John Hayes calling for the reintroduction of the death penalty, for murder, in some cases.

The Government says that it opposes the use of the death penalty 'in all circumstances'.Really? What about abortion? Is that not the death penalty for the unborn?

And why has there been such a huge rise in crime since the 1950s and the ending of the death penalty, for murderers, in 1965?It seems to many of us that the government has got it wrong, once again, as it has on so many issues; which is why the country seems to be in such a mess, not least in the rise in violent and heartless crimes, and in murders too.

They say that there is a risk of some innocent folk being hanged, but what about all of the innocent folk now being violently murdered, not to mention the nine million unborn children aborted since 1967?

Other countries, with more wisdom than us, have kept the death penalty.Maybe we should catch up with them.A Christian country will put compassion where it is needed:not with those who commit the worst crime imaginable, but with those who need to be shielded from it.

Robert West


Make your voices heard

I am urging Christian leaders to make their voices heard on the case of Asia Bibi.

Last week, a court in Pakistan overturned the death sentence of Mrs Bibi, the Christian woman accused of insulting Muhammad in a row with neighbours. She has spent much of the past eight years on death row in solitary confinement.

It is only right and proper she has been freed and I call on the Government to offer her asylum in the United Kingdom on humanitarian grounds so her life could be protected from the hard liners who had already taken the lives of many people defending her rights.

The Archbishop of Canterbury and the Catholic Church and Pope must be more vocal in helping to ensure her safety.

We have to have more voices and more pressure from the Church and the whole international community – there must be turning point to help reverse religious intolerance in Pakistan and ensure the state respects the rights of the Christian minority in that country.

Margot Parker

MEP for the East Midlands

Picture winner

The October Reader’s Picture of the Month award goes to Juli Clapson for her picture of Stourhead House in Wiltshire, published on October 18.

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