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South Holland District Councillor calls on PCC members to save our churches

This letter is aimed at parochial church council members. PCC members have been asked to vote or make a decision about the direction they want their church to be heading.

This information about the way the church has been asked to operate has come from the dioceses. I believes that some vicars are only making their PCC members aware of the dioceses version and are starving the PCC of facts from the other side of the story and stopping a proper debate.

Before making a decision on this I would ask PCC members to read an article in The Times from the Rev Marcus Walker.

Cartoon for th Spalding Guardian (51447392)
Cartoon for th Spalding Guardian (51447392)

I quote: “Over the last 60 years, money and authority has ebbed away from our parishes and coagulated in centralised pots. This all started in 1976 with a decision to take all personages and all their endowments and give them to the dioceces to look after in return for the promise to use the income always to provide a priest and a parsonage.”

Since 2016, the dioceses have squandered £8billion on ‘jobs for the boys’ that has done nothing for local flocks. Now they have the nerve to demand parishes pay again for their priests and parsonages through inflated parish share, accusing the parishes of failing if they don’t raise sufficient funds. Marcus continue: “Now the next Synod is being asked to consider proposals which would make it far easier for dioceses to remove vicars and sell parish buildings without local consent. It’s a power grab from church authorities who let slip last month they see a building, a stipend and a long costly theological education as key limiting factors for the church.”

Please go online and vote for the Marcus Walker petition.

I appreciate PCC members it is your decision what happens to our churches and I hope and pray that you all make the right decision, but please read both sides of the argument.

Rodney Grocock


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