Letters: Referendum on Europe is needed now

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When will Mr John Hayes and his Government wake up?

Immigration is at an all-time high and rising, the British people are fed up with the non-performance of the Tory-led Government to address this issue.

All aspects of our way of life are being affected. Jobs, education, housing, the NHS, the pressure is mounting fast. Our way of life is disappearing fast. Soon because of the EU we will not be able to move.

It’s time to leave the EU now, claim back our country and govern ourselves and stop this madness for good, for the future of our children and grandchildren.

To those who say we would be worse off if we left the EU, I say this. The British people are strong, we have always been strong, that’s why we won two world wars. So Mr Hayes, tell your Prime Minister, we the British people want a referendum, now, not in two years’ time. If you ignore us, the people, we will continue to support UKIP at the elections and to put more pressure on this Government.

Will your Government take notice or not?

Bert Collins