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'We must keep Spalding funfair where it is'

We are writing following your item in the paper and the online issue with regards to the Spalding Funfair.

Roger Tuby Snr and Roger Tuby Jnr have been bringing the Funfair to Spalding for over 45 years.

Roger Tuby Snr was himself a Lion at the time of coming here all those years ago and every year he comes to Spalding he opens up the Fair for the day for the Spalding Lions who invite the local schools for special needs children to come along and to go on the rides.

Roger Tuby Jnr has carried on this tradition. He makes no charges to the schools or ourselves, and ensures his workers fully operate the fair with care and consideration for all these children.

Some of these children would never experience a Funfair without this day This is a magical experience for the children, family members and teaching staff to have fun at a venue which is not normally not accessible due to crowds and sensory issues.

The Fair itself brings many people into the Town, not only from Spalding, but also the surrounding areas. For the days and nights that the Fair is on cheers, laughter and screams from the rides can be heard all around, giving some life back into the town.

Spalding is trying to get back on its feet. Why would you want to stop a tradition that goes back all these years?

Stopping the Funfair or taking it away from the town would again be another nail in the coffin.

This is a facility that is looked forward to by Spalding Lions, when we see the enjoyment and happiness on the faces of these less fortunate children.

This is just another sure way of killing this town by the objectors, who I am sure do not know the history.

Spalding Lions

via email

John Elson's Spalding Guardian cartoon (50074670)
John Elson's Spalding Guardian cartoon (50074670)

Sir John the right man for new role

I was, and still am, an admirer of the late Sir Roger Scruton. He was a rare sort who spoke eloquently and meaningfully on a range of issues, not least regarding the necessity of beauty in everyday life and particularly in architecture.

No architecture is more present in our lives than home building, which is why I was delighted to see Robert Jenrick launch the Office for Place recently – with our own MP, Sir John Hayes, appointed as the only Parliamentarian to advise the housing and planning body.

From my understanding, the Office for Place will be there to help develop and uphold a new set of design codes which prioritise beauty, scale and co-existence with the existing environment; with the power to both assist and reprimand local authorities who might otherwise try to skirt the new rules.

There is clearly a need to build more homes and Sir John has repeatedly and persuasively made a point which stands true: that we can’t just build more houses, they ought to be the right homes in the right places. Hopefully, with this new body and the expertise it possesses, we might have a chance to see Sir Roger and Sir John’s vision brought to life for existing and yet-to-be formed communities.

Andrew Livsey

via email

THOUGHT FOR THE WEEK: Still waters are such a delight

Psalm 23v2: ‘He leads me beside still waters.’

It’s such a delight to find the still waters of the Glen, or the Welland, even the Coronation Channel.

What an effective way God has created to allow that still water to be restorative therapy to our tired, weary, stressed out beings.

Thoroughly appreciate the slowing down, the sitting down, even the lying down along the bank side, watching the water and life drift by, without a care in the world.

Noticed the swans, the ducks, the reed warblers, the reeds and the wildflowers, and looked out for a dart of blue, that shy kingfisher.

It’s a rare moment to get to carefreeness, as responsibilities lift off one’s shoulders and one can just be, rather than fret or frown to get things done.

Maybe at the seaside watching the gentle rhythm of the waves, maybe in a special place that is safe and offers undisturbed or uninterrupted time and space.

A brown dralon armchair would be such a place after I took the children to school. I remember that restorative place at that time of my life.

Come aside awhile, take time out and off duty, and restore your soul with what God has given you. Let the rhythm of Gods creation soothe and restore your equilibrium.

Psalm 23v 3: ‘He restores my soul.’

Rev Frances Ballantyne

Spalding Methodists

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