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Call for a benefits system review and praise for flower festival support

Here are the letters published in this week's Spalding Guardian...

Time for root and branch review of benefits system

There is much in the UK media about there being in the region of a million job vacancies.

Clearly, there are many reasons, not least of all the Covid pandemic, with all that that has entailed with the furlough scheme, self isolation and the need for social distancing in factories, offices and shops and of course enforced shutdowns. Some businesses have simply not recovered from the financial strain and have had to call it a day. Another cited is Brexit. Whilst it would have been a superhuman feat to have predicted some of the fallout from Brexit, other areas, I feel, were seen and indeed discussed over the years since 2016.

One major topic, as far as this region in particular is concerned, was the exodus back to their own countries of origin of countless European workers. This has been envisaged more or less since day one!

Why were those industries affected not more ready for it?

As mentioned, Covid caused a situation that nobody could have predicted, not the government, not industry nor the workforce.

However, we are now starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Coming back to my opening statement of job vacancies, is it not time for a root and branch review of our benefits system?

It has been assumed by many over the years that there is a significant number of people able to work but have made a lifestyle choice that being on benefits suits them!

I guess that many of these are young people who, for whatever reason, are not being encouraged to take up meaningful employment.

Is it too easy? I do not profess to know the answer to this question but surely now is the time to tap into this wasted, home grown pot of potential talent and start to address the business need for workers?

Alan Meyern


John Elson's Spalding Guardian cartoon (50784779)
John Elson's Spalding Guardian cartoon (50784779)

Thanks to everyone who supported our event

May I thank everyone who either decorated, prepared and served refreshments, manned a stall or visited our beautiful church in Lutton over the bank holiday week-end.

It was a magnificent team effort and it produced more than £4,000 in much needed funds for ongoing improvements to the church.

Tina Hoyles

via email

THOUGHT FOR THE WEEK: Follow example of the Good Samaritan

We have had an unusual visitor to our garden over the last few weeks – a white blackbird, genuinely white as it has no pink colouration at all.A yellow beak and black eyes.

It was not made very welcome by other birds at first as it had some blood on its shoulder but now it seems to be accepted by the other birds as they all seem to feed together on the bird table.

This made me think about the way we treat people who appear to be different to us as a result of their nationality, colour, sexuality or some other difference.

The world would be a much better place if we treated each other with respect and understanding.

Jesus gave us the way we should treat each other when he said: “Love God and your neighbour.” He was asked who is my neighbour (Luke 10:29).

He then told them the parable of The Good Samaritan. The Samaritans and the Jews were not exactly friends – quite a bit of animosity existed between them and they would avoid each other like the plague. When a Jew was mugged and left injured on the road, two of his countrymen walked past him. A Samaritan came along and cared for him which would not have been expected.

If we could behave towards each other in the same way what a much better world it would be.

Perhaps it could start with us. The effect might then be like dropping a stone in a pond the ripples then spreading outwards.

Give it a try!

Rev Paul Winn

All Saints Church, Moulton

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