Letters: Look over your shoulder at new kids on the block

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Most interesting article under Lynne Harrison’s byline.

I refer to the headline “Low turnout is blamed for the march of UKIP” in the LFP last Tuesday.

If MrNewton-Dunn considers that 90% in the East Midlands didn’t vote for UKIP, then even more didn’t vote Conservative or Lib Dem. Certainly in the case of the Lib Dems, then more than 98% of possible voters didn’t vote for his party. I would say, though, that with more than half of Europe’s MEPs voting on a centrist platform there will be very little change within the E.U. We are hearing all the platitudes from the ruling elite that “the parties must listen to the electorate “ etc. But nothing will happen for the British public until UKIP have a base in Westminster.

John Hayes is, of course, very safe in his seat and I very much doubt if he will lose it at the next General Election. Having said that, my point here is that when the local elections (South Holland) are held (at the same time as the next General Election) then the present incumbents should be looking over their shoulder. There are some new kids on the block!

Howard C Huett