Letters: Established classes should have known it was coming

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Your headline Low turnout is ‘blamed’ for the march of UKIP (LFP 27/5/14) is a view, apparently, endorsed by Lib-Dem Euro loser Bill Newton-Dunn and local MP, John Hayes.

Allow me to comment that their views are the least insightful I’ve read after the election disasters suffered by the Con-Lib-Lab troika. Perhaps I should explain...low turnout was because so many of us are so angry with the political class, ironically, it is also encouraged those who did vote, to vote UKIP.

The established political classes should have known this upset was coming. It seemed to me (and everyone else) that they were unable to understand the degree to which they were losing touch with the electorate by failing to recognise deep concerns about EU membership and mass immigration.

Instead they mostly thought that their best strategy was to stigmatise these concerns as racist and/or xenophobic and deploy scare stories about mass-unemployment. An object lesson, I’m sure, of election failure, that will intrigue future historians.

In my view, the reforms we need will be a challenge to the EU model of market economics. The current system, inside or outside of the Euro currency, cannot function without excessive debt; is marked by low wages, improper zero-hours and taxpayer funded part-time employment, low productivity and low levels of investment.

The EU should be made to work for all of us by promoting full employment, fair working conditions/wages and strong trade union collective bargaining.

We do not need or want the current ‘flexible’ EU labour market model that is exploitation manifest by the rich at the expense of the rest of us.

If Tory David Cameron (pro EU) wins the next election outright then he’ll set about promoting an IN vote at the 2017 referendum as promised.

He must know that to keep on saying he can control our borders in a European union of free movement of capital and labour is non-sense. Instead he should concentrate on delivering the right EU reforms that are more to do with employment fairness and respect for all working peoples.

David Turp

via email