LETTER: Yet another grot spot on the outskirts of town centre

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Going against public opinion the council planning committee passed plans for a mini-market and another internal retail business on the site that used to be Burdens garage at the top of Carrington Road.

Now local residents have been left with another blot on the landscape because of undisclosed delays in developments.

I can recall workmen making the site secure and erecting a boundary fence – that must have been a year ago now and still there are no signs of any demolition work being carried out on the old garage and showrooms.

A petition was launched by the local newsagent and there were over 800 people, including myself supporting a NO vote against the mini-market development as we have local amenities that already cater for the local community which are well supported.

I know there are town centre projects that have got off to an uncertain start with the recent report on the Red Lion Quarter and its manager leaving the stricken development.

But our white elephant has not even got off the ground and residents are getting fed up with having to pass yet another grot spot on the outskirts of the town centre.

Local people are asking the question: “Why hasn’t work commenced on the site?”

I have heard through local communications about asbestos that has been part of the building needs to be removed professionally before any demolition work can be started at the site but there has been no confirmation on this officially.

I am sure that an update from the owners would be appreciated by most of the residents in the area.

Rodney Sadd

Carrington Road