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Motorists ignored A15 'road closed' sign

On Thursday morning the A151 was closed near Pole Hole due to a broken water main.

The road was dug up overnight with the hole going over the centre divide of the road.

What I am astonished about was the number of vehicles that ignored the road closed signs.

Spalding Today letters (15803867)
Spalding Today letters (15803867)

What I was absolutely astounded by was the number of drivers who then proceed to get out of their vehicles, move the cones and other roadwork safety items and drove down the pavement in order to get by without turning around. I know the residents replaced the cones and safety equipment several times. I was out walking on Thursday and witnessed this all happening.

In the space of 10 minutes three large lorries and numerous cars and vans all proceeded to mount the pavement, some at speed, and drive around the roadworks. One lorry must have been less than five feet away from me.I am a driver myself and would not contemplate this type of behaviour.

The road was ckosed for essential works. (15804018)
The road was ckosed for essential works. (15804018)

I know that it is inconvenient and taking a different route may take a few more minutes but the driving I saw on Thursday morning was downright dangerous.

Andrew Edwards

by e-mail

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