LETTER: Why report on disabled Russian hunger striker?

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INSTEAD of writing of the poor unfortunate immigrant that had the naivety to put himself in our local paper and speak of his addictions, diseases, short term of time in our country and distress of not being treated as an equal to the law abiding locals of our area, we should examine the reasons why our local paper thought it necessary to actually report and photograph such a story?

Is our local paper getting so short of news locally? Are they so desperate for reaction? Do they really think we would be sympathetic to such a story? Please explain and clarify your reasons.

I personally know some very nice people, who earn their keep, pay their way and speak our language, from other countries in Europe and beyond, that live in our town.

Please Lincolnshire Free Press and Spalding Guardian do not put us all (or try) against our fellow Europeans. Your story about the sad Russian does not help relations but only puts us Spaldonians’ ‘backs up’ – as they say – so let’s have more positive stories that you do so well, for instance about raising money for disabled children – excellent – and other stories of interest to our surrounding area. As for the poor unfortunate Russian – you can’t make a person eat!


Clay Lake


l EDITOR: The job of a local newspaper is to reflect what is going on in its community.

When a man, from whatever country, is seen eating out of bins (I saw him do this before his hunger strike) and wearing a mock prison uniform, I believe people want to know his story.

When that man approaches us and says he is going on hunger strike, it is not for us to make judgements, just to report the facts.

I wish we could produce newspapers jam-packed with positive stories, but then I don’t think we would be reflecting the world we live in.