LETTER: What does John Hayes MP do for us?

John Hayes, Conservative MP for South Holland and the Deepings
John Hayes, Conservative MP for South Holland and the Deepings
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What does John Hayes MP do for us?

Currently, the Lincolnshire Free Press allows John Hayes MP a weekly column, called ‘Hayes in the House’, in which John Hayes is allowed to say whatever he fancies, regardless of whether or not he’s addressing the real issues affecting people locally, such as access to affordable housing, healthcare, social care, adequate funding for policing and anti-social behaviour, decent rail and road infrastructure, addressing the impact of years of unplanned, under-resourced provision for migrant labour, etc.

Let’s step back for a moment and ask ourselves, “What do we pay our MPs to do for us?” The answer is we pay our MPs to use all their working hours to consider the very best interests of their constituents and the nation as whole.

But what does John Hayes MP do for us? Instead, he sits down and wastes his time (and our time) writing his latest ‘Hayes in the House’ column in which he quotes Keats (three times), Baedeker once and Betjeman once, and looks to garner votes locally by saying he’s “staying at the British seaside” this year, presumably to reinforce his virtuosity.

Incidentally, he actually mentions a ‘get-out-clause’ towards the end of his column, where he confesses to “occasional indulgent exceptions” (presumably holidays abroad).

Meanwhile, Martin Blake (Free Press, August 8) gave us a comprehensive critique of John Hayes’ past contributions to improving rail travel locally (ie nothing).

Moreover, we also know Lincolnshire has the greatest shortage of GPs across the UK, arguably the lowest funding for police services across the UK, pathetic investment in road and rail infrastructure, no investment in looking after migrant workers locally, etc. All of which are totally the fault of John Hayes, not the EU.

In short, while John Hayes occupies the safest Conservative seat across the UK, I submit he’s demonstrably not working in the best interests of us, his constituents.

So, if John Hayes chooses to devote his weekly column to telling us how virtuous he is, I suggest the Lincolnshire Free Press terminates his weekly column.

Alan Meekings


EDITOR: John Hayes’ columns cover many different subjects and – whether people agree with him or not – our website figures show they are amongst the most read of all our online posts. If people take umbrage with his views, they are welcome to write me a letter for publication, as Mr Meekings has.