LETTER: We need to let youngsters work on the land again

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I feel I must write to air my views to the story in the Lincolnshire Free Press (July 5) about giving jobs to immigrants because British people are “lazy”.

My view on this is that this country has gone health and safety mad with regards to children and young adults doing work, ie bulb cleaning, raspberry picking etc as we did when I was a youngster.

I started working on the farms when I was of primary school leaving age – I am now 37.

It didn’t hurt myself or my friends in any way as we enjoyed earning a couple of pounds a day to save up for a new bike or to buy sweets.

We were all well behaved when at work. It taught us that a hard day’s work will not kill you.

It also taught us the value of money and a respect for our parents... two things that children today sadly don’t have.

What the government needs to do is to to stop being so health and safety-conscious and allow youngsters to work as we once did.

This would give them a healthy sense of self worth and a good work ethic early on in life which should then hopefully stay with them.

Yolanda Ward


Fleet Hargate