LETTER: This is unnacceptable

Rubbish in Spalding's Abbey Passage ANL-150128-103936001
Rubbish in Spalding's Abbey Passage ANL-150128-103936001
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Regarding the 0ngoing campaign ‘Taking Pride in cleaning up South Holland’ which has my support as we go forward with taking pride in our town and the surrounding areas.

I note the portfolio holder for waste management, Councillor Roger Gambba Jones, was updating your readers recently by highlighting the dedicated street cleaning team that has been set up to deal with areas that have become our local grot spots.

The street cleaning team do a great job, but it must be soul destroying to have to deal with weeks of litter that has been building up because of the total lack of respect for our great little market town in the heart of Lincolnshire.

I often walk between Francis Street and the Sheep Market using the Abbey Passage, which is a matter of 500 yards away from the council offices. As I got towards the Sheep Market end on Friday I came across empty cans and bottles that have been there for a long period of time (picture above).

The actual area at the back of Ladbrokes and Crown Employment Services has a sign located on the wall – “CCTV in operation” and a warning – “No rubbish to be left in this area.”

These cans had been thrown over the security fence from the Abbey Passage location by people who congregate in groups. I know it is difficult for the council to cover every square mile, but this area is in effect in the centre of our town, where people like to go about their business without the fear of intimidation. But what goes with this rubbish must be very concerning for the residents of Abbey Passage and local business in the Crescent – that is people and their anti-social behaviour.

I would like to see more CCTV installed and the monitoring that supports the system should be carried out 24/7. We should not rely on a small group of volunteers to do this, who do provide the community a service at present, but these people should be paid to do it on a more permanent basis.

It is because of situations like this people want to see more police presence around our town. This is where the cuts are not working and never will for one of our front line services, the police.

I can recall the “We have had enough campaign” and how many people signed up. We can clean up the mess and put up security fencing, but we must deal with the source of the problem, people and enforcement.

Rodney Sadd