LETTER: They should talk to us before making plans

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IT would be considerate if any of the people involved in the proposal to build on the bus station consulted with the residents of the area where the proposed building is to take place.

I live on Kings Road and any further development around this area would have quite an effect on us.

Are we to presume with regard to this that people no longer matter and if the council chooses anything goes, with total disregard for people and their property.

I don’t think personally that a cinema is needed with the possibility that within a year the building would be left as an empty shell through the lack of patronage.

As for a supermarket – do we need another? It’s not forward thinking in terms of transport.

With the ever-increasing cost of fuel surely more people in the future will be relying on public transport. To shove the bus station into a corner somewhere is not the answer.

Would the proposers like the development banging on their door step with the possibility of further depreciation of their property.