LETTER: Spalding needs to fight for a better train service

A train passes through Spalding
A train passes through Spalding
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As a frequent visitor to Spalding I find train services to south Lincolnshire are limited.

When you travel from the north of England there is a change of train at Doncaster and Lincoln, with a 50-minute wait at the latter.

One day me and the wife decided to have a day in Lincoln, travelling from Spalding. However, the last train back to Spalding was at 4pm – I found it hard to believe.

I heard a number of reports about a better train service being planned some time ago but nothing happens.

I think Lincolnshire County Council and South Holland District should get involved in a better rail service for Spalding and that they should support it for the benefit of the town.

A good rail service will benefit the town – if not people will just move away, house prices will tumble, shops will close and Spalding will become a ghost town.

I believe if you fight for a better train service you will get it. Why not do what Leeds did? The council and businessmen got involved so instead of a train each hour it got increased by a train every 30minutes.