LETTER: School has done wonders for my profoundly blind son

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As I am writing this, I am aware that our move out of the county is now looming, so while I have the chance I want to express my heartfelt gratitude to one establishment and one institution that have served my family over and beyond the call of duty.

My son is six and profoundly blind from birth. He started at Weston Hills Primary school in 2009 and will finish year 1 in the next two weeks.

Sadly, he will leave the school for good and start a new school in September following our move.

This school has been the most fantastic thing that has happened to my son.

From the day he started, the school have adapted, superbly educated and supported my son through all his developments and milestones.

The school has provided the best support staff I have ever known and the result is that my son will leave that school in two weeks a confident, well adjusted, educated young man, proficient in the use of braille.

Weston Hills Primary school just ‘got it’. They understood and they have tackled. I have much admiration for all the staff there.

I visited many mainstream schools prior to 2009 to assess where my son would be best educated and there are several schools in this area that would benefit from having the same attitude.

The school was supported by Lincolnshire County Council Sensory Impaired Service, namely Charmaine Sutton and Kerry Hunte, who have taught my son braille, and other forms of tactile learning, as well as teaching him to use the long, white cane.

I thank God, that there are people who want to help to make a difference and allow children of all disabilities to have as much chance of success as able children.

Helen Hargreaves

Weston Hills Road

Low Fulney