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LETTER: When has MP John Hayes opposed NHS cuts?

Perhaps I could just briefly reply to Mr Livsey’s response to my letter on John Hayes’s opinions (Free Press, July 2).

First, let me say that where Sir John has done something positive, I am happy to recognise it. The criticism in my letter was intended to be a comment on the tone of too many of his articles.

Second, Mr Livsey says that I ‘can’t see that it is the left-wing intelligentsia that is driving all such nonsense’. I don’t see it, because that’s too simplistic an explanation, more intended to tar political opponents than to get to the roots of the problems.

MP John Hayes (13730842)
MP John Hayes (13730842)

Sir John often attacks liberalism (small ‘l’). It was liberal (small ‘l’) - not Tory - drive that got us the NHS. It was a Labour, not Tory, government that made our area safe by authorising the huge uplift of our local drainage system after the 1947 floods.

It was a Labour, not Tory, government that gave Spalding its new hospital.

Mr Livsey lists things Sir John has to his credit, including efforts to secure the best healthcare for the people of Spalding. Can he list the number of occasions Sir John has opposed or spoken in parliament, against the government’s budgetary attacks on NHS funding over most of the last decade, which have left the NHS short of tens of thousands of nurses and doctors, as well as required new equipment and buildings?

It would be helpful to see if Sir John’s effective opposition can be spelt out.

And just to avoid any misunderstanding: I am no fan of Jeremy Corbyn!

John Tippler


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