LETTER: Pennygate Foundation should not be here anyway

The Pennygate Foundation
The Pennygate Foundation
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Further to your article in the Spalding Guardian last Thursday; I am a resident with my own home in Meadowgate Lane which is very close to the Pennygate Foundation and the windows at the back of my home overlook the rear of the business.

When the Foundation was having the various buildings erected and changes made I did call the council to make a complaint and understood that I was one of many doing so. However it all still went ahead regardless of other residents in the surrounding area.

Despite the notice boards outside advertising the various ‘specials’ there hardly ever seems to be anybody using the facilities. It really is an eyesore and adds deprivation to an already depreciating area which has worsened in the past five years.

I have been against the set-up of this venture as nobody in the neighbourhood was consulted about a ‘drop in’ centre of this nature being allowed to go ahead. Pennygate is a residential area and this type of centre should never have been allowed to start up from the beginning. It only has a negative effect on house prices and the area in general. We as residents should have been considered, this whole ‘business’ being given the go ahead was totally out of order and totally inconsiderate and disrespectful to existing home owners.

There are other suitable areas in the town where this type of set-up should be established but not here.