LETTER: May has signed up to ‘poodle status’

Theresa May
Theresa May
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Now that British Premier Theresa May has become the latest in a long line of her predecessors to sign us up to ‘poodle status’ regarding the trans-Atlantic relationship with America, it’s time to think a little more seriously about this lady.

It seems to me, on most recent evidence, the lady prefers to shun her duty to answer straight away, honestly and openly, about dodgy Trident operations or Donald Trump’s ban on Muslim and refugee immigration.

Sadly, the thing that May, and other British politicians, do not seem to understand in these times is that a great deal of their reputations will rely on generating trust and confidence and if they can’t do that with the British people then what chance have they when charged with negotiating on our behalf?

Therefore, in my view, anyone claiming that the Prime Minister has provided much-needed clarity over Brexit , like Tory MEP, Andrew Lewer, must be seriously deluded.

I’ve noticed that so far in all the Brexit pronouncements I read, there is very little mention of the oft repeated and false claim that we send £350m to the EU every week and we are now pledged to spend it on the NHS instead. Contrary to Brexiteers in the UK, it would seem that only Donald Trump in the USA is willing to follow up on his election promises.