LETTER: Let’s not sanitise our history

John Hayes MP
John Hayes MP
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Now, now John, let’s not sanitise our history (MP’s column, Free Press, Jan 24 – ‘We have what it takes to succeed’).

Our enduring economic might was founded on exploration but was driven by greed and at the expense of almost all we conquered.

Everything from the opium wars that protected our so-called right to pollute China with drugs, the killing of countless thousands in India and the Sudan for the sake of empire, the slaughter and plunder in Southern Africa, the treaty of Versailles that carved up the Middle East solely for the benefit of Britain and France while totally ignoring tribal and religious boundaries along with reneging on promises made to the Arabs who fought and died by our side. Those last two are the primary reasons for the unholy mess we currently have in the Middle East.

I could go on and on.

You go on to say “Britain will be free to agree its own trade deals, with nations like America”.

Trump’s mother was Scottish. What do you think will happen should Scotland decide to re-join the EU?

Finally, “We have what it takes to succeed; a government giving people and businesses the certainty they deserve”.

Certainty! Where on earth did you find your crystal ball?

We live in uncertain times but continually hear from those that wish to misinform and claim to have the gift of prophecy.

We need leaders that don’t pervert history to gain political advantage, don’t utter unsubstantiated drivel that predicts the future and a media that doesn’t allow their access without verifying what they say.

It appears our local MP and media are failing in their duties.