LETTER: Is Del Boy behind plans for Spalding?

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One cannot help but wonder if Sustainable Spalding is part of the Trotters Independent Traders conglomerate as here we have somebody running the ‘operation’ as a seemingly one man band.

For somebody with such great plans to have no website to list his achievements to date and to give us the chance to check out his past ventures is very strange.

The high aims for his ideas from supermarkets to multiplex cinemas is mind numbing.

And that he will do a survey after said ventures are open to find out if Spalding people want them in the first place... the expression ‘cart before horse’ springs to mind.

Compared with the hard work and effort by the owner to try and get the old Bernard Matthews plant up and running into a viable asset for both employment and business in the area, all this pie in the sky stuff from Sustainable Spalding is insulting to the intelligence.

If they do a film about this fiasco, can I suggest Brad Pitt to play me even at this early stage although I will do a survey among Spalding residents to see if they want it that way after filming starts.


Moulton Seas End