LETTER: In Bloom volunteers’ urgent call to businesses

Hanging basket supplier Becky Wand
Hanging basket supplier Becky Wand
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Urgent call to all businesses and residents in Spalding who want to participate in Spalding in Bloom this year.

Couns Christine Lawton, Pete Williams and myself have taken round forms inviting people to sponsor baskets and troughs.

Many of you have returned the forms to me, along with your cheques but, unfortunately, many have not yet responded.

Perhaps you have mis-placed your form?

If so, we would be happy to bring another or email you a copy.

Please either email me at anewton@sholland.gov.uk with your form, or ring me on 07939559764 to collect your form.

Alternatively you may wish to post it back to me at 20 Birch Grove, Spalding PE11 2HL.

Our baskets need to be planted so they are ready to be delivered to premises in May.

If you need a new bracket Spalding in Bloom can deal with that for you.

We have public liability insurance in place.

Anybody wanting further information please either ring me on 07939559764, or Coun Christine Lawton on 01775 722269 or Coun Pete Williams on 07971112114