LETTER: Idiotic parking in Spalding

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NOT only am I pretty disgusted with the filth, litter, dog mess and general state of our once beautiful town, I have now come to the conclusion that some think they have the power to change traffic law to suit them.

I am talking about all the idiots too lazy and tight to park in the cheap car parks provided for them at Springfields.

I am talking about the double yellow lined area at the front of the complex near the pub and Pavers and the information kiosk.

You may ask what this has to do with me. These idiots are causing the roadway to become dangerous.

A classic example was on Saturday – as my husband and I were trying to get to Morrison’s we had to stop our vehicle as this big 4x4 decided to double park, in front of us.

There were already vehicles blocking the area and spilling onto the road and the idiot decided no matter what, he was parking there.

The whole of Camelgate has double yellow lines and believe it or not no one parks in any other area, perhaps because of this. So what gives them the right to park in that bay?

I have written to Springfields, the Highways Department and Lincolnshire Police.

I am aware we do not have traffic wardens in this area but Springfields do stop drivers parking at Flower Parade time by having the police place cones there. Perhaps this could be a more permanent arrangement.

I have seen emergency vehicles not able to draw up in the bay because it is full of other vehicles. I have seen coaches struggle to turn out of their parking area careful not to hit these illegal parkers.

Double yellow lines are there for a reason and anywhere else you would be cautioned or prosecuted and fined.

I just wish people would stop and think what they are doing before they park their vehicles. I could understand it if the car parks were miles away from the shops but they are literally across the road.