LETTER: Does SHDC do anything for Spalding?

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Does our council actually do anything for the town? I think not.

Not only does it not seem to be interested in developing the town centre, into breathing life back into it so that it becomes the bustling, vibrant town that it was several years ago, but it also seems quite happy to let all and sundry dump their rubbish wherever they wish.

On Sunday I noticed that someone had decided to dispose of an old mattress by dumping it in the river near the Taku Bridge. It is bad enough that traffic cones are littering the riverbed, but mattresses! What is this town coming to?

So, I sent off an email to our illustrious council, bringing this eyesore to their attention. The reply I received informed me that this was not their responsibility, but to contact the Environment Agency which I duly did. The reply that I received today advised me that they will only react if there is a danger of pollution or flooding. I was advised to contact my local council as this incident constitutes fly-tipping. So I have sent off another email today. I wonder what the response will be this time. Maybe they will redirect me to the little green men on the moon. Come to think of it, I might get a lot more sense out of them.