LETTER: District council has never listened

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We have just seen your article concerning ‘Approval is recommended for Gosberton homes development’.

We should like to inform you that this homes development has been “hidden” from view of residents just as the one behind Welby Drive has been and the proposal for more houses north of the village – residents didn’t know that they were going to be affected.

As for the Parish Council approving of this development – just as they did for the one behind Welby Drive – 70 plus houses.

We received a letter from South Holland District Council after the parish had met and approved the planning. Residents were not given the chance to have their say. Nothing was publicised. Complaints were issued to the district council and they extended the date so that residents could raise their objections.

The district council is looking to build over 200 houses in Gosberton and a further number in nearby Quadring. They seem hell-bent on turning small villages into mini towns. Gosberton is already a bottleneck for traffic and both schools and doctors are over-subscribed.

How does a village with over 200 new houses sustain all that new traffic? 400 extra cars for instance? That doesn’t include traffic coming from new houses on the large estate planned in Quadring.

The parish council doesn’t care and neither does the district.

Tearing up agricultural land to build houses that the village cannot sustain.

I am totally disgusted by the way the district council is treating residents of villages all around Spalding.

When I asked some residents how they felt about these plans they were resigned to the fact that the parish council wasn’t interested in their objections: the district council had never listened to local folk, and they would do whatever they wanted no matter what local people thought and felt.

EDITOR: Planners unanimously passed this application last Wednesday.