LETTER: Closure followed policy - but totally against community opinion

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Following on from the report in the Spalding Guardian of July 7 about the final decision being made by the Lincolnshire County Council on the closure of Halmer Grange care home.

I have already expressed my disappointment over the final decision but what I would like to know now is what is going to happen to the site that Halmer Grange occupies?

As a result of the closure the council were to make a saving of a reported £1.7m but what will they make on the possible sale for redevelopment on the current site of the care home?

The head of adult commissioning referred to more high quality homes in the area that could fill the need for people requiring intermediate care.

My concern is that facilities like the Hawthorns in Hawthorn Bank cater for mainly dementia cases.

People wanting respite care are not all suffering from dementia, and other local facilities have waiting lists for people wanting care services.

So how many people do we have requiring care? And can these private centres within our local area accommodate the demand and provide the personal high level quality of care that has been provided by Halmer Grange.

Also, the idea of the elderly having to buy a place in a residential home does not give me any confidence that this is a change for the better.

How would the elderly be able to buy into a care facility without having to sell their home first to provide this care.

The current government are reviewing this situation and hopefully a fair scheme will be put in place for people who have paid into the system all their life without losing their homes.

I am sure that the county council has not looked at the long term picture as government figures show that we are all living longer and more people will be looking for care facilities in the future.

Where are we going? Pay more for less in retirement, need care in your old age, become homeless to be looked after.

However, this is a directive driven by the coalition government and the council is only following this policy, albeit totally against community opinion.

Rodney Sadd

Carrington Road