LETTER: Chaos will reign with freight trains

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REFERRING to the letter ‘Four trains per hour’, Lincolnshire Free Press, July 5. Mr Dickens is quite correct in his thoughts.

I attended the exhibition at the Red Lion Quarter on July 1 regarding the new road proposals catering for 2,500 extra homes at the Monkshouse end of Spalding.

I was confused at the freight trains’ frequency and times so put this to the staff on hand to help you with questions and to make notes. They could not answer me nor did they make notes.

We now know, however, that there will be four freight trains per hour, plus our existing two passenger trains.

The passenger ones now take five minutes each to go through (barrier down, barrier up).

So, if the freight goes ahead these will be longer and take more time.

Therefore, total stoppage of traffic is over 30 minutes per hour for six trains to go through.

Chaos and gridlock reigns despite any new roads at Monkshouse or improvements at Woolram Wygate/Pinchbeck Road.


Pinchbeck Road