Lethal plant growing in Holbeach cut down

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HOLBEACH Parish Council has taken steps to remove a potentially deadly plant growing near a school in the town.

A gardener employed by the council cut down and took away Deadly Nightshade found growing in an area near Stukeley Gardens and William Stukeley Primary School on Wednesday.

The plant, also known as Belladonna, produces berries and leaves which cause headache, rapid heartbeat, blurred vision and even death if eaten by adults and children.

Headteacher Tom Emery said: “I made a telephone call to the parish council early last week and spoke to a very pleasant lady.

“Within a day, Councillor Terry Harrington came to visit me and he created a plan of action for the plant’s removal.”

Coun Harrington said: “It was brought to my notice that there was a small amount of Deadly Nightshade growing on a fence between the school and Stukeley Gardens.

“The headteacher was concerned and I met him to explain the situation.

“The plant was cut down to the ground and taken away on Wednesday, so the matter has been dealt with and there should be no recurrence of it.”

Coun Harrington encouraged residents to report concerns about other plants, including Japanese knotweed believed to be growing in Stukeley Gardens and Back Lane, to the council on 01406 426739.

He said: “If people see or are caused any disturbance by these plants, they should let us know and we will make it a priority to remove them.”