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South Holland and The Deepings MP Sir John Hayes calls to celebrate all that Britain has given us

It is an irony that those who wish to reinvent the past have little interest in, or knowledge of, it.

Reading last week about calls from BBC Zealots to prohibit the vocal performance of Rule Britannia and Land of Hope and Glory at the Proms, I was reminded of a scene in the 1979 Monty Python film, Life of Brian, in which, answering what was intended to be the comically rhetorical question - ‘What have the Romans ever done for us?’, Judean agitators acknowledge that their colonial masters had, in fact, provided highly effective systems of irrigation, medicine, education, sanitation, roads, aqueducts and public order.

Now fictional satire has become reality, as crazed critics of the British Empire, ignoring all nuance, simplistically attempt to paint centuries of history as a struggle between the oppressed and oppressors. Surely, elite media executives are bright enough to realise that shaping our view of the past by stripping it of bygone prevailing values is ludicrous.

MP Sir John Hayes (40069513)
MP Sir John Hayes (40069513)

Yet, they know too that guilt is an indispensable weapon in their culture war. So, the liberal establishment disguise and distort facts to promote their left-wing world view – infecting and corrupting our once proud institutions. Patriotic Britons take a very different view, with Vera Lynn’s rendition of Land of Hope and Glory, topping the charts.

When was the last time the BBC produced a programme celebrating the positive elements of Empire? Little mention these days is made of its legacy in enabling the inclusive rule of law, creating prosperity through trade, building vital infrastructure, introducing educational provision, spreading the word of Christianity, or sharing sporting, literary and musical riches.

There will be no balanced appraisal while leading cultural organisations are controlled by an intolerant liberal left elite who regard viewpoints other than their own as unacceptable.

Just look at the taxpayer-funded British Library – housing much of Western Civilisation’s finest literature. According to the small bourgeoise clique who have installed themselves as directors, all white staff must now recognise their own ‘privilege’, as they are required to read Marxist theory.

Nearby at the British Museum, leftist director Hartwig Fischer boasted that he had ‘pushed’ founder Hans Sloane ‘off his pedestal’ by removing his bust.

Perhaps these places should be cleansed of such guilt-ridden historical revisionists, to be replaced by people’s panels of patriots drawn from workers and apprentices associated with relevant craft industries.

All the while, this destructive societal direction is ruthlessly enforced by a conveyor belt of brainwashed youthful adherents, as many universities are at the heart of the problem. A survey of Higher Education institutions revealed that the overwhelming majority are staffed by academics almost exclusively drawn from the liberal left.

My friend, the late, great philosopher Professor Sir Roger Scruton once recalled that at Birkbeck College, where he taught for many years, there were just two conservatives - him and the lady who served meals in the Senior Common Room.

There will be those who seek to play down the significance of attacks on our heritage - they will mutter, ‘it’s only a couple of songs.’

On the contrary, patriots should be in no doubt the momentum is already against us, as the history of doctrinaire intolerance shows us that once songs are banned, ideas will quickly follow.

We must act now to resist those for whom nothing less than cultural revolution will suffice. To which end the Prime Minister is absolutely right in saying that instead of recoiling in “cringing embarrassment” when considering our past, we must be bold in its celebration.

Our Kingdom is indeed a land of hope, and our shared past is one of glory. To celebrate all that Britain has given the world is a joy – Rule Britannia!

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