‘Let’s show Royal Mail our views’

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UNION bosses are calling for a strong show of support to try to save Holbeach delivery office from the axe – and say they want the public to fill in 6,000 postcards opposing the closure.

The cards have been distributed to shops in Holbeach High Street, the Pop-In centre and football club for residents to collect as the Communication Workers’ Union teams up the parish council to try to save the Barrington Gate office.

A first batch of 4,000 were printed and the CWU has ordered 2,000 more as it steps up its opposition.

Royal Mail wants to close the office and transfer its business to Spalding. It upset the CWU by putting the building on the market – rumoured to be for just £75,000 – before a consultation on the closure was carried out.

Union branch chairman Andy Beeby said: “What they are doing is having a dash for cash by selling off their properties. It’s a short term view and it doesn’t help the problem.

“£75,000 is just a drop in the ocean for Royal Mail – it’s not going to go a long way for them at all.

“We are calling on people to send a strong message to Royal Mail that they don’t want the office to close, that they want to keep it local and save the hub of the community.”

The union argues that the move will waste money through extra vehicle movements to get the mail out to the eastern half of South Holland from Spalding but Royal Mail insists the service would not change for customers.

The office was at risk once before in 2007, but the closure was fought off by a public campaign.

Mr Beeby said: “We won then and we strongly believe that we can do it again.

“We had the help of the parish council, John Hayes and the whole community then and they are on board again so hopefully we can win this time too.”